Introducing a uniform could be a challenging job if the staff is used to wearing their own clothing. Initially there could be resistance to the change but if the staff members are involved in selecting the designing and color etc. of the uniform by asking for their inputs during the process, the resistance may fade away and there would be more acceptability to the idea of wearing a uniform to the work.

They may need to be explained the benefits of using a corporate uniform, to bring them around. But an important factor to be taken care of while selecting a uniform is that it should good looking, comfortable to wear and suitable to the industry one represents otherwise the idea may backfire and could even lead to employee attrition.

  1. Feeling of Belongingness

Wearing a corporate uniform brings about a feeling of being part of a team and feeling of belongingness with the company or brand one represents. This could be an important factor in promoting the team spirit amongst the staff members and hence the overall productivity of the people and the company as a whole.The quality assurance team present at the total image group checks the quality of the fabric; color etc. at each and every level of the manufacturing process. Get your uniforms designed from them!

  1. Brand Building

A uniform could also help in brand building exercise particularly when the staff or workers need to work in external environments like construction sites or the people from the marketing team or servicing team. This is a kind of free advertising for the company’s brand because with the company’s staff moving about with the uniform with a logo or brand name is always more visible to the eyes of the public. This helps in better brand recall which is the main theory behind all advertising.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

There are certain types of businesses which are customer oriented like retail shops, departmental stores or clubs and restaurants etc. where customer would require the direct assistance of the staff. Having a uniform would make the staff easily recognizable and the customers can approach them easily and confidently for any kind of assistance. This certainly improves the customer satisfaction which would ultimately result in improving sales and revenue of the company.

  1. A Must in Service Industry

People are always wary of letting the strangers in their homes, even for the purpose of getting anything repaired or serviced. Therefore it is of utmost importance that the companies that are in the service industry or those in consumer durables must have a uniform particularly for their field staff. The uniform with the brand or logo of the company gives inherent confidence to the customers that a professional is there to take care of repair or service ordered by them. Total image is the specialist in providing appropriate uniforms for corporate employees. Starting from the initial designing phase and going up to the packaging phase, proper quality is assured.