It can get really hard for somebody who wants to save money when they are getting a low income due to the current crisis situation that has an impact on the overall industry. Businesses are going for cost-cutting and for that many employees are laid off creating chaos in the society that is bigger than COVID-19. People are thinking about managing their finances and generating income when they are on a low pay scale.

The pre-coronavirus outbreak society used to make financial adjustments to the way they spend money and focus on saving money for their emergency fund, college education, retirement, a new car, a family vacation or anything that you want to do.

Now their priorities seem to have changed. People now focus on saving enough money to get household goods, food, medical equipment and medicine, fuel and other things that can get them through this crisis situation. It might sound a little ridiculous to expect one to save an ample amount of money during the pandemic lockdown, as there is uncertainty in the business world, sluggish employment, no job security, and lowered pay scales. These are hard financial times but even in such adverse circumstances, it is possible to find a way to save a sufficient amount of money for anything that is yet to come in future times. This requires you to be honest, diligent about saving money and have the dedication to achieve your goals and save. To get this done, here are somethings you can do:

Make Sure You Have Paid-Off Your Debts

If you’re working or earning a minimal amount, you will be unable to make both ends meet and you will either be able to afford to pay from a part of your debt from your income or go for taking up loans for a car or credit card payment. If you roll back your other expenses, you’ will notice that you are left with your basic expenses only. So make sure that your debts don’t remain stagnant in your account and make sure that you are living a debt free life for sure.

Use Your Extra Cash Wisely

Have a smart approach when you are using any extra cash you get. Until and unless you get on a justified pay scale, make sure that you don’t spend unnecessarily. Especially, in the current situation where there is a thin chance that this outbreak is going to end in a few months or not. Make sure that you are left with some money in the bank as emergency cash and use the rest to pay off the debts that you might have and get yourself out of those heavy debts you might have as soon as possible.

Save Those Pennies You Have

Get yourself a change jar and put your pennies and coins in it at the end of each day when you get home after work or shopping. By the end of the month, you will notice that you have ample savings to add up in your savings account. This won’t help you end up being a rich retiree, but it would add up a little cushion to your savings account. The money be much but it sure helps you out at the end of the day.

Lookout for Bundled Offers for Cable TV, Home Phone and Internet Services

Replace your standalone services and fees for your Cable TV, Internet and Home Phone needs and try using bundled deals and offers for your home. Try out CenturyLink home internet and bundled services offered by providers operating in your area for budgeted services and save more money while getting high-quality connectivity and entertainment services for the whole family.

Cook At Home for Some time

Using processed food can get you to end up with less or no cash and a deteriorated health at the end of the day. In the current situation where is spreading havoc throughout the world, stay away from processed and expensive food. Embrace a healthy diet that is less oily and is not from your local food chain as the individual who is cooking the food or will deliver to your home might be infected. You will stay healthy and feel a little better and save a lot of money on health care for a long time if you will stop using boxed or frozen food. Even if you really want to buy processed food instead of cooking your meal at home in a planned way can become a burden on your pocket. There are different apps and cookbooks and cook some tasty, budgeted, and healthy food.


You can add more best practices to save more money in this situation of chaos and help create a better future for your family and the whole world. Make sure that you buy the things that you need and do not overspend on things that you don’t want to use.