There is no denying it anymore; Snapchat is one of the hottest social media sensations today. It is also one of the best ways for businesses to promote their brands’ products and services. Snapchat will enable you to increase the visibility of your brand, as well as customer engagement and loyalty.

With every passing year, more and more companies are beginning to recognize the potential of this app. It is especially of great value to the biggest demographic: teenagers. Here are a couple of ways for you expand the presence of your brand with Snapchat.

Put Up An Attractive Offer

What better way to seduce your customers than with an offer they can’t refuse? That is how you should focus on using Snapchat. Outlook Designs decided to promote its presence on Snapchat with an exclusive offer as a way to reward its new followers. You have to ensure that the offer is irresistible, which is why it will work wonders for retail brands.

You can also come up with special one-day promotions as Redbox did on June 8. Redbox added its Snap code on Facebook as well as a link to its Snapchat account. You can also create a sense of urgency in your followers as they feel it is of the utmost importance to follow your account on that day.

Sponsor A Celebrity

Having a Snapchat celebrity underwrite your video series is a low-risk move at best. It is no secret that celebrity endorsements can give your brand more traction. The brand will appear in the storyline as a way of saying that two parties are on common terms.

Get a celebrity to video record a grand event, or find a more organic way of featuring a brand as part of a great adventure. The highest Snapchat celebrities charge about tens of thousands for one-shot stories.

Give Your Customers A Behind-The-Scenes Look

You can build a good amount of trust for your brand if you can give your audience a look at what goes on within the content of your company. A good example is when McDonalds had professional athlete LeBron James over to give the followers a behind-the-scenes look at how a bacon clubhouse sandwich is made.

Even the fast-food giant never shared the results of their campaign; the promotion went well enough to continue. The promotion then went straight to Twitter, encouraging users to follow back. This is why McDonalds has over 3.3 million users to date.

Use this tactic with that of your own brand’s promotion. Even if your budget is not that of McDonalds, your followers will be delighted to know more about you and your work.

You Should Rely On Other Social Networks

Sometimes the best way to promote your Snapchat account would be to utilize the other social networks. Minus the Snap code, this trick may not be that creative, it is just enough to actually work.

Lend Your Support To An Account Takeover

You’re just starting out and it may be wise to let a more influential Snapchat user take over your account. Snapchat user MsMeghanMakeup had taken over a young women’s clothing retailer Wet Seal after it launched a campaign. Due to Meghan’s 300,000 followers, it served as a great influence for Wet Seal’s campaign.

In over two weeks the clothing brand gained about 9,000 connections and over 250,000 views. It is due to this that Wet Seal became the recipient of the 6th Annual Shorty Awards. You might not exactly get anywhere close to 300,000 followers, users with over hundreds or thousands of followers are enough to enhance your Snapchat reach.

You would be wise to follow every single one of the above steps to boost your own Snapchat presence as well.

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