Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants… it doesn’t matter what piece of jewelry we choose, we always love how they look with pearls. Both on symbolic and aesthetic levels, pearls are unique gems that have conquered the hearts of girls and women around the world. The bottom line is that we are irrevocably in love with pearls and we are not afraid to show it. Of course, we also love dresses so we thought we would make the best of both worlds and combine them in a short styling guide. That leads us to our list of 6 dresses that look amazing in pearls. If you want to know the best place to buy pearl necklace to match the dress you are going to choose from the list below, you should definitely check out online pearls websites. Have fun reading and have even more fun dressing up!

1. Little Black Dress

It is natural that we start this list with the timeless little black dress. This type of dress literally asks for a piece of jewelry like a with pearl necklace, as it contrasts amazingly and adds even more elegance to the outfit. Easily choose a pearl collar or a princess length necklace for 100% glam.

2. Long Red Dress

Speaking of contrasts, red is the second best choice for a white (and even a black) pearl necklace. A long, lush and lovely red evening gown will simply dazzle when matched with a rope of pearls. You can complete the outfit by adding pearl stud earrings or a subtle but shimmering pearl ring.

3. Wrap Dress

An excellent choice for plus size ladies or those with curvy, hourglass figures, the wrap dress is a must have piece in your closet. This kind of dress really looks stunning when paired with a string of pearls, as wrap dresses are defined by their V neckline. You can choose from various colors of freshwater pearl necklaces on Pearls Only, according to the color of your wrap dress.

4. Swing Dress

If you want to get your vintage fashion on, you have to wear a pearl necklace. Just like swing dresses are representative for the retro years, so are pearls. Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood’s Golden Era were always seen wearing pearls, so you should consider following in their footsteps.

5. Wedding Dress

Even though this isn’t a day to day outfit, wedding dresses are possibly the ones that pearls look best with. They come as a perfect and subtle addition to an all white outfit that enhance the beauty of a wedding gown. You can adopt this idea for casual or formal wear by matching pearls with a simply, white dress.

6. Business Dress

Do you have an important day at the office? Perhaps a critical business lunch with a potential client? Then you need to look extra sharp so you can seal the deal. Do so by wearing a smart business dress and sprinkling it with an authentic pearl necklace.