Most home improvement projects such as adding a storage space or giving the entryway a paint job are so common that they don’t even look like renovations. You spend money on it, talk about it to a guest or friend a couple of times, and then just forget.

Have you ever thought about doing some renovation projects that will create a long-lasting impression? Check out the following home remodeling ideas. They will transform the often-overlooked space of your home, and add such elegance and charm that everyone is going to appreciate for years to come.

Reinstall the Kitchen Backsplash

6 Home Renovation Ideas To Add Elegance

by New Mood Design LLC

Tired of looking at the same boring backsplash every day? Change it completely! In fact, you can instantly transform the space into the most attractive spot in the kitchen with a well thought out plan. Think of installing tiles into the place. A mix of silver and beige mosaic tiles will add elegance to your kitchen while assorted glass tiles will add amazing colors and charm. Additionally, you can consider giving the entire kitchen a simple paint job to tie the backsplash with the rest of the space.

Metal Tiles for Ceilings

6 Home Renovation Ideas To Add Elegance

by Design Evolution Inc

Decorative ceilings such as coffered ceilings, beamed or tray ceilings are homeowners’ favorite choice for a ceiling renovation project. However, metal tiles can be a good alternative too. The inexpensive tiles can cut the cost significantly while double the charm in a moment.

The plus point of metal tiles is that they are available in either silver or copper shades. So, you can pair them up with any décor and color palette whether it is a trendy home filled with contemporary colors or a country style room that exudes warmth and elegance with wooden beams and old-fashioned furniture.

Eye-Catching Light Fixture

6 Home Renovation Ideas To Add Elegance

by Murphy & Co. Design

A well-lighted room naturally looks beautiful and energetic. However, savvy designs can significantly upgrade the appearance of a place and give it a polished look. So, a light fixture carrying an attractive design can boost a room’s sophistication instantly.

6 Home Renovation Ideas To Add Elegance

by Cornerstone Architects

It can be a pair of table lamps that look like almost artwork or a pendant or chandelier sporting an exotic design. A whimsical light can make a statement by creating an eye-catching look and take your renovation project to the next level.

Go for Modular Storage

6 Home Renovation Ideas To Add Elegance

by Julie Smith

Adding storage unit is not an exciting remodeling work, but it’s a better option if you have a really uninspiring wall in a room. Using artwork or posters is a good idea but transforming it into a storage unit will solve your problem if space is at a premium in your humble abode. Boost your blank wall’s style with a floating or separate modular shelving unit. Create a colorful interest by displaying books, accessories, bins, and boxes.

Take Advantage of Crown Molding

6 Home Renovation Ideas To Add Elegance

by Diane Durocher Interiors

Using crown molding for doors, walls, or windows is a proven way to give your home a fresh look by spending less. Pick a room and transform its appearance by replacing the old trim with fresh crown molding. Go for simple, thin molding to avoid a pretentious look. Besides, remember to keep the décor of the rest of the room equally simple but charming so that the entire room maintains a similar visual weight.

Choose Roman Shades for Windows

6 Home Renovation Ideas To Add Elegance

by Studio Marcelo Brito

Applying window treatments is another proven trick for budget remodeling projects. Roman shades are a great option if you are looking for an alternative to those ribbed-like typical vertical shades or blinds. You can use the roman shades in various ways. A popular application is using similar-patterned shades in a wide group of windows to create a uniform and much cleaner look. Mount them a bit higher than the windows if you want to add scale and height to the place.

It’s not necessary to spend big bucks to make your home look elegant and lovely. A carefully thought out plan coupled with a bit design sense and creative flair can transform your home from a dejected den to a beautiful, charming abode.