With many changes made to most of the social media platforms in the past year, businesses have realized how important social media is to their marketing initiatives. In the current world, it is unthinkable for any business not to have any social media channels. Many businesses have used social media to increase brand recognition, generate leads and improve customer relationships.

2015 has promised to be a different year for businesses when it comes to using social media. With the rapidly changing internet technologies and markets, new strategies for using the social media platforms have to be recognized. This is so that businesses will continue benefiting from what these lucrative platforms could offer.

Some of the 6 key social media strategies for 2015 are as follows:- 

Invest In Smart Marketing Campaigns on Social Media 

2015 is the year to stop simply thinking of the social media platforms as the free marketplace. Take advantage of a social media platform especially if its engagement and organic reach are high. The investment will pay off in the end.

Practice Smart Content Building 

You have probably been building content on your business pages in your social media pages. Keep building content just like you always have but be very smart about it this year. You can re-purpose old content especially if it is content that has been expensively created. Distribute that content in different social platforms but ensure that it remains authentic, creative and fresh-looking. Make sure that before it is posted, it is different and will inspire anyone who reads it to share it.

Use the Power of Video More 

Closely examine how video can be usedfor all your social marketing channels. The common fear among businesses that video production is costly and hectic is of course misplaced because all the trouble one puts into quality video production pays off in the end. Look for creative ways to generate quality video content. Think of all the social media platforms that can successfully accommodate video content for your business, and then by all means use them.

 Think Mobile, It’s A Mobile First World 

With the number of people who use mobile devices to access the internet increasing, businesses have in turn customized their content to be well viewed in the small mobile space. In this year plan for every targeted user to experience all your social posts exclusively through mobile. Think mobile first as you create your content then scale it up to how it will be viewed on the PCs. This is because you will, of course, have an increased number of the targeted audience using mobile devices during this year as the mobile device sales keep skyrocketing.

Join the Conversations That Count 

This is also the year of interacting more in the social platforms and staying on top of the latest news in your industry. Contribute more to insightful thoughts, useful information and draw the attention of industry enthusiasts. Expand your reach by liking, sharing and commenting on posts by any other key influences in the social channels. By joining the conversations, you will make yourself more recognizable not only to market enthusiasts, but also to your targeted audience.

Build a Community & Keep Inspiring Action 

Of course you already have followers, make it a point of gaining even more followers this year. You can do this by maintaining or creating a witty, interactive and fun relationship with all your followers on the social media platforms. Grow engagement and keep looking for ways to keep all your followers interested and attract even more followers. Create very powerful; social media campaigns that will get all your audiences participating and more joining just to participate. When you have action on your pages, you are also highly likely to be a success as a business.

There are more social media strategies for 2015, but the above ones are the six main ones that you should keep in mind as a business with a heavy social media presence.