The technologies have advanced so far and become embedded in our lives so much that now the journey cannot be imagined without a smartphone.

Thanks to the applications on the smartphone, you can book a hotel room in a few clicks, plan a route, buy air tickets, find the coolest place in an unfamiliar city, read about the sights and talk with foreigners in their language using an interactive translator. Applications help us feel more confident in an unfamiliar country, we are no longer looking for someone to ask for directions or the right address. Our list of the seven best applications for tourists will help you to relax as much as it is possible while traveling abroad.

  1. Google Maps

Google is constantly improving its maps, adding various new functions. The creators of this application claim, “You cannot be lost with these maps”. Developers permanently rejoice their clients with the innovations and try to make this impossibility (of getting lost) an indisputable fact. With Google Maps, you can open roads of any difficulty and find out which transport is the most convenient way to reach your destination.


In addition, Google is now working to ensure that all maps are available in offline as well and they are succeeding in it! Nevertheless, in order to list all the possibilities of Google maps, perhaps, even two pages will not be enough. Undoubtedly, now, this application should not only be in the smartphone of the traveler, but even with the inhabitants of the metropolis.


If you are searching for a car rental, this application will be beneficial for you! Created by, it compares car hire rates from more than 1,500 car rental providers from all over the world, and finds a car, which suits you best. You are getting quick access to car rental lowest prices and a huge variety of car rentals for all needs.

Moreover, offers for car rental in almost 45 thousand locations around the world have been collected at this application.

Reasons to rent a car using Rental24h application:

  1. It is a reliable, quick and simple service for comparing and booking cars throughout the world.
  2. It is possible to find a car for rent, which suits you best and to hire it at the best price. With the help of this application, you can always use several optional discounts.
  3. There is a large variety of car classes: SUV, mini, cabriolet, coach class, minivan, minibus, luxury car hire, etc.
  4. You can rent a car from leading car rental companies, including Scandia, National, Green Motion, AVIS, Keddy by Europcar, Zoomcar, etc.
  5. The age limits for the car rental here are quite flexible. There are many options available for drivers under the age of 21, 25 years and for those who are over 70 years.

Check out the most popular car rental cities, among which are Porto, Amsterdam, Chicago, Brussels, Los Angeles, Dubai, Oslo, Sicily, Ibiza, Milan, Reykjavik, Las Vegas, New York, Palermo, Rome, Vancouver and many others. In addition, it is possible to rent a car in one of more than 70 busiest airports throughout the world!

  1. application is mobile version of the same site for hotel reservation. This application has already become extremely popular not only among tourists, but also among all people, who travel around the world. The application allows you to book a room anywhere in the world easily and often at a bargain sale price. There is almost half a million hotels in the database of this company. For today, it is one of the largest resources in its sphere. You do not need to wander around the hotel sites anymore, just open this application and select the hotel you like in a few minutes. In addition, in the application, you can apply different filters to the data and adjust it for yourself.

  1. Google Translate

It is the best translator nowadays, which “speaks” almost all the languages ​​of the world. It is especially useful, when such a translator is in your smartphone. After having received an offline version, Google Translate became boundlessly useful for travelers. Before traveling to a certain country, you can download offline dictionaries from this translator to your smartphone and easily avoid difficulties of translation. In addition, Google is constantly working on improving the voice input module. Therefore, it is possible to communicate with a person in different languages ​​and understand each other in real time. For example, when telling a phrase in your mother tongue, the application translates it in the buffer and reproduces the needed version immediately.

  1. Foursquare

The application, originally created for check-in, was gradually reformatted into a fine guide to eateries and public places. ‘Foursquare’ works with geo-data and, by the location of a person, shows what is nearby – from shops and squares to bars, restaurants and other kinds of localities and buildings. The only disadvantage of the application is that it works just from the Internet. This application will be useful in a journey, and, of course, you still can use a check-in function- friends will immediately see where you are.

Another small moment, which you might not know – with the help of ‘Foursquare’ you can often find out the password from Wi-Fi in nearby eateries and enjoy free Internet. Typically, some users of this application write passwords in their reviews.

  1. TripAdvisor

As the creators of the application assure, it will allow you to plan and make an impeccable journey. In addition, in the TripAdvisor database, a traveler can find over 75 million reviews and opinions that will help you find the best hotels, great restaurants and entertainment around the world. The ‘TripAdvisor’ sticker could be seen on the doors and windows of different stores, hotels, restaurants in all European cities. This sticker means that, according to the results of voting, this place is the best among others in this city.

Trip Advisor

  1. Skyscanner

One of the best applications for buying air tickets, including cheap ones. The developers are trying to make the process of buying tickets for the nearest flight as comfortable as possible. The application also works with low-cost airlines. In addition, you can view flights for a year ahead and choose the most appropriate price.