Apple’s iPad has been around for last 7 years. the third fastest hardware to pass 1 million purchase within a single month of its introduction. It even surpassed the sale of iPhone’s in just about 74 days

ipad is a lot more capable device than you may realize.There are so many hidden features in your iPad that you may be not be aware about or haven’t figured out yet!

Here we are  presenting you with 7 of those awesome features that ipad provides to its customers but are unknown to them, take a look:

1.Use another app in a side bar without leaving the app you’re using

Apple has finally caught up with multitasking feature that prove to be very useful for ios users.Now you can use two apps simultaneously by opening one at a sidebar and other on the main screen. Split screen feature allows you to chat with your friends at the same time use another app for your entertainment.

2.Play a video while using other app

Now you can easily watch videos and reply to your friend or colleagues’ messages .To do this, simply press the home button of your ipad to minimize the screen of the video down to the corner of screen. The only drawback of this feature is that it only works with certain apps.

3.Access your home mac through your ipad when outside

Yes! When you’re out with your ipad and suddenly you realise you forgot to bring an important file that is in your mac or the mac itself. Then use this teleport feature of apple where you can access your mac from anywhere through your ipad. It also gives you an amazing opportunity to play a prank on your family by playing music in an empty room. Find your own ways of using this creative feature.

4.Zoom in

You can zoom in at certain part of screen to see the app icon through magnifying glass. People with weak eyesight will definitely relate to this. Sometimes you forget to bring eyeglasses with you and face difficulties in seeing things. Especially when using your phone or ipad. This feature allows you to see the apps on your phone in a zoom in mode. You only need to double tap with three fingers anywhere on a screen to enable or disable this feature.

5.Split the keyboard

Some people prefer split keyboard option for more precise arrangement of typing. You can turn on this feature by pressing and holding at right bottom of the keyboard. When the “split” option pops up just click on it to use this one. Adding more to this, when you split the keyboard in half you got the access to some of the invisible or hidden keys that does not appear in normal typing mode. Sounds cool right?

6.Triple press home button

Apple includes variety of features in their device that are always hidden in the settings menu somewhere. So this one is something that most of you must not be aware about. When you press the home button thrice continuously, you will get assigned to certain features. To get access to it you need to go to your setting > general > accessibility > accessibility shortcut. This feature includes voice over, invert colors, grey scale, zoom etc.

7.Find my ipad

One of the best features I think Apple has provided in their device. In case your device has been misplaced or stolen, you can track it through Apple system that is called “find my ipad”. Turn on this feature by heading over to settings > icloud > find my ipad.

If you have an ipad or ipad mini then all these features must be explored. However, don’t forget to protect it with a cover and screen guard, the first step to follow whenever you buy new iphone because it hurts when it cost too much amount to replace iPad screen. So don’t forget to protect and explore your ipad whenever you get time.