Smart devices have made lives a lot easier. With each passing day, new advances made in this industry leave us feeling amazed and thrilled. Living a quality and healthy life has never been as easy as it is today. There’s an app for every imaginable thing. Be it a habit tracker or health tracker; everything is just a few taps away.

While we talk about medical apps, let’s take a minute to appreciate how far this niche has progressed. From the WebMD and Mayo Clinic websites being the torchbearers, the variety of medical apps at our disposal is phenomenal. Whether you are fitness conscious and planning to gain/lose weight or trying to develop a mindful routine, you can find everything on your smartphone

The app store has got everyone covered.

Here is a list of medical apps you should have on your phone or tablet to make your life easier.

7-minute workout challenge

Life is busy for most of us. Keeping up with schedules, meetings and tasks takes a lot of your time and finding a slot for your fitness routine becomes a chore. The 7-minute workout challenge is an app for everyone who needs to exercise but finds it hard to make it to the gym. This fantastic app knows the needs of its busy users.

All the exercises are set with the help of fitness experts, and it is the building block for every Apple products user who wants to stay fit and healthy. The app instructs and guides you throughout the high-intensity 7 minutes routine. It helps regulate your metabolism for the entire day and keeps you energized!

At the rate of $3, the benefits that come with the app are more than worthy.


CareZone is the free medical app that everyone needs. It helps keep track of all your symptoms and lets your family add things that you might have ignored. While your mood swings or posture issues may be visible to people around you, you might not be aware of them. That’s precisely where CareZone comes in.

It helps you keep family subscriptions maintained and removes the headache of missing out on your doctor’s appointments with automatic reminders. It enables you to save money by connecting you to practitioners that are already covered by your health insurance. What could be better?


GlassesOff is a unique app for people who wear reading glasses. It is designed to help you read without spectacles, and the results appear within the first two months of using this app. 36 minutes a week is all it takes to improve your eyesight.

The app assists you in strengthening the neural efficiency of the visual cortex, thereby improving visual perception. While the app is free to download for iPhones and Android, the $30 subscription for three months is a great deal for more serious users.

Sleep Cycle

Getting out of bed each morning feels like a chore to most of us. Leaving the warm comfort of our beds and getting out of deep sleep often leaves people grouchy in the early hours of the day. Keeping in mind that peaceful sleep is necessary for good health and overall wellbeing, Sleep Cycle is your smart alarm clock.

It eases the process of waking up by implementing sleep science techniques. The brilliant app wakes you up in the lightest phase of your sleep, roughly half an hour before your alarm goes off. By monitoring your movements with the help of your phone’s efficient accelerometer, it understands your sleep and wakes you up accordingly. Free to download for Android and iPhones, the $10 premium subscription is great for you.


Dementia is a devastating disease that leaves the patient feeling empty and depressed with minimal recollections of the past. It’s an age-related neurodegenerative disease that eats away at cognition and the neuroplasticity of your brain. People over the age of 40 need to be twice as careful about this than anyone else because early signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s reveal themselves at this age. Even a change in your moods could sometimes be a cause for concern.

BrainTest is your best friend when it comes to dementia and MCI online screenings. It is designed primarily for tablets. It assesses your condition and helps you approach a doctor from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Unquestionable brilliance and strong recommendations make this app one of its kind.


Our mental health usually becomes the victim of packed schedules and exhaustive routines. Your mood deteriorates, you feel depressed and complacent. Your creativity comes to a standstill and procrastination becomes your best friend. If you too are stuck in this labyrinth of helplessness, then Lumosity is just the right app for you.

This exciting app is the pioneer of cognition-boosting apps in the market. Many millions of people use this app every day to improve their memory, concentration, and speed. The scientifically designed games use neuropsychology to help your cognition and sharpen your mind. Its free to download on both the Apple and Android stores and has a premium version starting from $11.99 a month. Get this app now to help become the best version of yourself!


How many of us want to take good care of our diet but fail to do so? People often start maintaining food journals but drop the habit after a few days because of busy schedules. Everyone tries to diet at least once during their life, but things seem to fall apart when the calorie counting becomes hard.

All of these nutrition-related dilemmas come to an end when you download the Lifesum app. it is colorful, creative and helpful. It guides you to the right diet according to your age, gender, height, and weight. It reminds you to drink water at the right times. Keeps track of your calories and suggests a customized diet plan according to your needs.

Lifesum understands the importance of nourishment and encourages you to eat healthier. Android and iPhone both support the app. Its premium subscription begins at $21.99 quarterly, and it’s the perfect nutritionist that fits in your pocket!

Your health is a precious asset that needs to be cared for. It’s always you who has to decide what to do. Eat healthily, drink enough water and sleep for at least 6 hours a day. Trying to fit a small workout in your schedule would do you a lot of good. So go ahead and download all of these excellent apps right now, to begin with, your journey!