Travelling alone is indeed an exciting experience, more if you are travelling to a different country altogether.  This can be a successful journey with good and sweet memories if you plan your trip well, that is look into the necessary things which are a must before you head on to the journey.

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Your Passport and Visa:

The interesting fact about UK is that the English speaking countries allow you a trip without a visa for six months of your stay. It is wiser to check that your passport is up to date. You need to be aware of the new regulations published now and then. A blank page at the end of your passport is necessary to get the stamp from the customs.

The Customs that You Need to Know:

In UK people drive on the left and even they stand or walk on the left too. If you have the habit otherwise just go with the flow. If you are driving make sure you maintain the left side. In terms of eating, you need to place your fork and knife in the middle of the plate to ensure the waiter that you have finished your meal. And they drink beer at a room temperature and asking for ice, means a cube or two and not a entire glass of it!

7 Things You Must Ensure If You Are Travelling Alone In UK

Plan Your Trip:

As a part of your trip it is obvious that you would like to take a ride in the black cabs in London. Well, a prime thing to note is that these cabs have reformed themselves with time and come in multiple colours. Have a ride in the double decker buses. If you are in Central London try to have an Oyster Card which relieves of getting yourself ticket for buses and Tube as all you need is to swipe the card for the trip and besides, they are cheaper. In case you fail to get one, be prepared for buying tickets multiple times and keep change with yourself for doing so. Enjoy walking the streets of London as they give you a pleasant walking experience and if you have any physical problem, it’s a fact that they do not have any special facility for the handicapped in the Tube!

Language is English:

As a matter of fact English is the language of the country. But you know how different their accent is from ours. You might have some difficulty in getting their pronunciation as different parts of UK have a variety of dialect though their language is English. Try and comprehend what they have to say in the context of your conversation.

Partying is a Custom:

A good party or drinking is a national pastime. You can come across good pubs offering you a variety of branded alcohols. Gorge ion some and spend a good evening!

The Currency they Use:

Most of the shops in England accept the European Euros but they give the change in pounds. They generally prefer to take the British pounds even the ATM gives you the pounds. The credit cards charge a three percent for the change of currency. You can exchange your currency with the bank when necessary.

The Food of UK:

A foodie person will always seek for a trip to UK. A good trip includes a good food. The country serves you with a wide variety of steak, kidney pie and mash. If you want to feel the authentic English cuisine, head for the countryside where you can come across some extra ordinary cuisine of England.