With the month of February comes a tension what to get or her on Valentine’s Day! This is quite a common confusion that every guy goes through. Some girls settle for sweet things like flowers and chocolates, while some girls don’t. And to find a perfect gift for impressing the classy, cool, and beautiful girlfriend or wife you have, take a look at the gift options I have in my store for you.

7 Wonderful Gifts For That Cool and Classy Girlfriend and Wife

Watch: Those who say that a watch should not be gifted to lovers, they should take a back seat. Because believing in blind faiths is not a sign of intelligence. Who says that love becomes limited with a gift like watch? A classy and branded watch like from the house of Larsson & Jennings or Tag Heuer or Louis Vitton. If she is stylish and carries herself with a unique statement, she must be having a special liking for watches. So, get a watch as Valentine’s Day gift for her.

Satin Pajamas: When she is done with winning over the world like a boss, she needs comfort and simplicity and that too with a dignified class. She would love the Satin Pajama because of the luxurious comfort it gives. To keep the Valentine flavor, buy a red one for her.

Ring: Among all the jewelry pieces, a ring is most favored as a gift from boyfriend or husband. You would get to see many designs and shapes of rings made of gold, silver, white gold, or platinum. Just walk into any renowned showroom which has extensive stocks for your special day. Just know the size of her finger and get this sizzling gift for her.

Fragrant candles: One piece each of a variety of fragrant candles can be packed for surprising her on Valentine’s Day. Candle is the portrait of light and when mesmerizing fragrances are infused with it, the result is nothing but love. You can decorate your drawing space with these candles and leave her happily surprised when she enters after her day’s work.

Clutch bags: She would never step out for her party without that perfectly matching clutch bags that would bring a completeness to her look. You can look out for brands like Fendi, Hermes, Lana Marks, Mouawad, etc. She would be superbly excited for the expensive clutch bag.

Fancy shoes: I know someone who has a stock of 1200 pairs of shoes! Can you imagine she has 100 pairs of shoes for every month of the year!! This is a hobby or knack that doesn’t stop people from being spendthrift. Pamper her with some more fancy shoes, after all that is her specialty. And if it comes from brands like Walter Steiger, Christian Louboutin, or a Jimmy Choo, no doubt you are her all-time favorite man.

Tote Bags: Women and their famous fascination for bags are historic. There are many types of bags like slings or tote. Tote bags are a bit spacious and serves as a great store for all her make up materials. Get a nice tote bag as a Valentine gift Online for her from Stella McCartney’s Falabella or Céline’s Phantom Luggage Tote.