Many people resident of Puducherry, was nearing his retirement in five years. Over the course of his employment so far, he has managed to save around Rs.25 lakh which he was thinking to invest in a lucrative scheme.

Many people suggested him going to equities, bonds and mutual funds, but since he knew that ROI in those schemes was subject to market risks, he did not invest!

One of his colleagues, who had an investment in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit scheme for a period of five years suggested him do the same! The major reason for opting for a senior citizen fixed deposit like Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit was a sure-shot guarantee of ROI along with the highest interest payouts!

Other invested in the fixed deposit scheme, and is happy that his investment would fetch good numbers required for enjoying the ‘golden phase of his life’ – the retirement!

8 Reasons Senior Citizens Should Invest In A Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit!

If you are confused like invester, you can also invest in a Bajaj Finance FD scheme for senior citizens and enjoy many features and benefits!

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit For Senior Citizens: Features And Benefits!

  • Highest ROI on your investment:Senior citizens can lap up a sure-shot 8.20% return on their investment. Why compromise with a 4% interest rate in your savings account when you can pocket bigger returns? Standard citizens get 7.85% as the ROI which mean senior citizens get an additional 0.35%.
  • Fixed or sure-shot interest payouts:Unlike other investment schemes such as mutual funds, equities and stocks without any assurance of the ROI, senior citizen fixed deposit schemes provide fixed gains!
  • A higher degree of credibility and stability:Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit schemes are laced with ICRA’s MAAA (stable) and CRISIL’s FAAA (stable) ratings! It means that your investment is never at risk!
  • Minimum deposit amount of only Rs.25,000:For investing in fixed deposit schemes as lucrative as Bajaj Finance FD, you don’t need to keep a huge amount, to begin with. You can get started if you have Rs.25,000!
  • Wider tenors : Wider tenors help you suit your financial needs and affordability. The scheme comes with a flexible tenor as wide as 1 year to 5 years. You can also close an existing FD account and start a new one with a different tenor if you don’t like it.
  • Fixed deposit calculator:The facility of using a fixed deposit calculator helps you know your maturity amount even before investing. Once you enter your tenor and the deposit capital, the online tool will show your exact ROI figure at maturity.
  • Online application process: You can apply for a senior citizen fixed deposit right from the comfort of your home and save time and effort.
  • Online account management: Want to know the progress of your FD account from anywhere? It’s possible with the digital customer portal of the Bajaj Finance where you can log in (id and password provided by the lender) and track all information online!

The Bottom Line

Why wait when you can see your savings and money grow sure-shot without risks? Start investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit schemes for senior citizens and get going!