Every day that I go into work I carry with me a $200 phone, a $600 laptop computer, and a $50 set of headphones with me. I’m not alone in this. Technology, often expensive technology, is fundamental to the way we do business in the 21st century. Given the FBI’s most recent estimates that 394,000 commercial thefts occur a year, it’s clear that taking steps to secure valuable technology is of paramount importance in the workplace.

Secure Valuable Items

The first and most effective step to preventing workplace theft is to secure valuable items. Options like storage lockers can deter would-be thieves and provide an unbreachable safe zone for valuable electronics and other items.

Don’t Leave Valuables in the Open

If you’re dealing with expensive items at work that you cannot or don’t want to take home with you, make sure that you conceal them when the office is closed or no one can be around to keep an eye on things. Many thefts are simply thefts of opportunity and can be prevented by cutting off the opportunity.

Deploy Guards

Having someone to keep an eye out is definitely one of the best things that you can do to deter theft at your workplace or jobsite. However, having someone onsite 24/7 can become prohibitively expensive, and onsite guards can’t be everywhere at once. Newer technologies like virtual guards can see everything and respond unilaterally to potential threats.

Maintain a Professional-Looking Workplace

Don’t let your workplace look like a target. If everything looks to be in good shape, then would-be burglars are likely to give you the benefit of the doubt on things like up-to-date security and high definition cameras.

Invest in Thicker Windows

The most obvious point of entry for any office building is a window on the first floor. Not only do windows offer crooks a peek at the goodies inside, they’re also much easier to break through than any brick wall or heavy wooden door.

You can address this problem easily by acquiring thicker windows for your workplace, windows thick enough to withstand a blow from a tire iron or baseball bat. Crooks will likely give up if they can’t get through immediately, since the very act of trying to break through a window draws a lot of attention.

Get an Alarm System

Alarms can’t be connected to either doors or windows in your workplace. These days they can be programed to activate outside of usual business hours (when no one would be around to monitor the office) and can even place automatic calls to the police or an outside security agency.

Shut off Roof Access

The lone spy sneaking in through the ventilation seems more like something out of a Mission Impossible movie, but it shouldn’t be discounted in real life. Like windows, unsecured rooftops can offer vulnerable points of entry. If you have any sort of rooftop access make sure that it’s securely locked. Ventilation points should be grated, preferably with a padlock on the gate. Air will get out just fine and nobody will be able to get in.

These are some great ways to keep your workplace and all of the valuable technology inside secure. Let us know how you’re working to keep your office secure!

Author Bio:

Nick Cesare is a violist and writer. When he’s not writing or practicing his instrument he loves to go mountain biking and cook great food. You can reach Nick @cesare_nick with any questions or comments.