Your garage is the space in your home most often exposed to neighbors. Few people care to keep their garages presentable and tidy. The garage is normally set aside as a space for junk, or a place to store winter clothing. Doing this without taste will give passersby a bad impression.

Even if your home’s interior decor is magazine-worthy, the garage is your chance to show off. Whether you spend hours outside, or only open it for a few seconds, that window of visibility will affect your neighbors’ impression. There are ways to make your garage visually pleasing. It takes creativity and ideas from people who specialize in design.

Elegant Storage

If you are like most other people and choose to store things in the garage, avoid the black hole of stacking cardboard boxes. Instead, build shelves on the walls with custom-made containers. There’s nothing wrong with a storage garage that looks tended to–what you don’t want is an abandoned storage unit vibe. Find some decorative baskets that can double as storage for shelves in your garage. Storage containers don’t have to be bland and visually unappealing. 


Along with adding extra storage to your garage, make sure you keep it organized. Don’t let your garage turn into a cluttered mess. Make sure there is a place for every item in your garage to avoid this habit. Always put things back where they are supposed to go to avoid getting to the point of feeling overwhelmed. If you need extra help, you can even consider hiring a professional organizer. They will have the right tools and knowledge to help you organize a garage in the most efficient way possible. Seek advice from home improvement blogs and websites for tips on organizing a garage specifically. 


You can completely upgrade your garage just by adding some paint. Consider painting all the walls in your garage. Choose a neutral color or a nice, relaxing blue. White walls will make the space look more clean, bright, and open. Not many people take the time to paint their garage, but it will make a big difference to the visual appeal of it. You won’t feel like your garage is just a storage room for your home. Paint will make your garage feel like an extension of your home and like it is actual livable space. 

A Workbench

A workbench in your garage can be both practical and visually appealing. Don’t let the space in your garage go to waste, but instead make it functional. This is an especially great way to transform your garage if you enjoy woodworking or other creative hands-on projects. It doesn’t even take a lot of space in your garage to dedicate an area for your hobbies. Look at interior design blogs for inspiration on how to build and design your new workbench.

Garage Flooring

No one seems to bother about their garage flooring. The most effective way to keep this area dingy is by leaving the floor as it was when you moved in. If you want to add a splash of personality, hire someone to install a floor. If you don’t want to completely install new flooring in your garage, hire someone to add a finish to the existing concrete. Smooth and finished concrete can end up looking high-end. It will also protect against stains, which keeps them looking nice and clean. Consult a flooring professional to explore your options for flooring in your garage. Choose something that looks great and is durable enough to use in a garage. 

Hanging Lights

Your garage is the perfect place in which to entertain friends and neighbors. Paint the walls and set up a fridge full of snacks or drinks. Finally, hang a string of lights to make your garage look like an outdoor porch. If you want to see your loved ones more often but are uncomfortable entertaining in the house, outdoor parties in a custom-designed garage will do the trick. If you design it correctly, it won’t even feel like you’re hanging out in a garage. 

A Home Gym

If you’d rather workout in your home than alongside strangers at a gym, clean your garage and set it up with exercise equipment. Add a few mirrors on the walls to make sure you’re using the right form as you workout. A home gym in the garage provides ventilation, should you choose to work out with the door open. It’s also motivating to know that you can skip the drive. All you have to do is get dressed and visit your custom home gym. 

Home Accents

You might not have thought about decorating your garage, however, if you want to really go all-out with your garage, you can add some home accents. For example, add some decorative statues or vases for the shelves. This isn’t necessary, but if you want your garage to be comfortable and a place that you will want to use, fun decorations can help. Just make sure the decor makes sense for the space. 

If your home is your castle, no room should be neglected. The garage offers outsiders a glimpse of your interior. Get creative and make it a place that will turn neighbors’ heads as they drive by. You don’t have to let this room in your home go to waste. Use one or some of the above tips when planning how to improve your garage.