Making your way down a crowded street or waiting for the bus, you might notice people leisurely puffing on their vapes. You may also have friends blowing clouds as you relax in social situations. As a new vaper, you might be wondering when it’s polite to vape. How can you be considerate of others while vaping?

The rules are not always clear on when and how you should vape in various situations. Fortunately, with some basic knowledge of vaping etiquette, you can enjoy your favorite e-juices while respecting those around you. This guide will teach you the basics of being a considerate vaper.

Mind your space

One of the most important vaping rules is to avoid blowing clouds around other people. Unless you are with your own friends and have established that vaping is okay, find a clear area when you want to enjoy your vape. Remember that some concert venues and other public spaces have banned vaping for this reason, but they may have designated areas for you to take a break with your e-cigarette. It’s also best to skip vaping while riding public transportation, as most transport companies have banned this activity.

Usually, the best way to vape is to find a clear space outside. You might choose to make vaping part of your morning walk to work and breaks throughout the day. These pauses will allow you to socialize with other vapers, extending your vaping circle even more.

Be a polite guest

When vaping at your own house, you are free to make all the messes you desire. However, this free-for-all does not apply while vaping at a friend’s house. Even if your crew is just as passionate about vaping, when modifying your rig or trying new oils and dabs, always clean up after yourself. Bring dab mats with you as a courtesy, and keep in mind that it’s best to avoid blowing clouds in people’s faces. When you are a polite vaping guest, you will be more likely to be invited back.

Avoid stealth vaping

In situations where vaping is not permitted or socially acceptable, you might be tempted to subtly take a pull from your rig. Vapers will often do this in restaurants, trains, family gatherings, and even in class. However, this sneaky puffing is not polite. Even if no one sees you take the pull, they are likely to smell it. And if you get caught, this will be seen as inconsiderate at the least. Some business owners may even kick you out of their store, bar, or restaurant if they see you stealth vaping. To avoid any awkward moments, it’s best to wait until you can vape in the open.

When in doubt, ask

There is never any reason to not understand vaping etiquette. If you aren’t sure whether you can vape at a friend’s house or in their car, simply ask them. The same goes if you are in a bar and aren’t positive whether vaping is allowed. When you start vaping with new friends, open a conversation about whether you are going to trade e-juices and try each other’s vapes. By asking questions about these boundaries, you can ensure that you are in line with vaping rules and expectations.

Entering vaping culture can be intimidating at first. You may not be sure where you can vape and how to best vape with other people. However, by acting with caution and openly communicating with other vapers, you can make unspoken rules spoken. This will make you a more courteous guest, friend, employee, and customer as you continue to explore vaping culture.