We all love hard rock bands and when are 40 years old, they carry an insatiable urge with them. Yup, I am talking about AC/DC. AC/DC started their journey way back in November 1973 and has yet to depart from the arena.

Currently, there are tons of new bands coming along but no one carries the charisma that AC/DC carries with them.

After almost 5 years, AC/DC has started their journey their new tour in Dublin, 2015. What’s more they are the only band that have created such a long journey over the period of the history.

AC/DC is composed of many members including the founder brother Malcolm and Angus Young. Recent events have left Malcolm to leave the group because of illness, but other members such as Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams and Brain Johnson are still performing extraordinarily. Don’t miss their performance live and purchase tickets here. There is an event of AC/DC at Dublin. They have announced their brand new tour in 2015. The event will be at Aviva Stadium on 1st July 2015.

So, what makes them so famous? Their longevity and their worldwide sales of over 200 million albums. What’s more, they are one of the best-selling bands over the world and easily dominate the realms of heavy metal. For the band, they always prefer to call themselves, rock and roll, which is humble and down-right awesome!

The history of the band is quite dark and full of ups and down. First, they never had any stable team to work with. They even made changes in the team before releasing their first ever album, High Voltage. Another outstanding fact that only Malcolm and Angus made it through the whole journey and other being replaced can speak about the turmoils the band has to go through.

Bon Scott, their lead vocalist death in 1980 also created an impact on the band’s future. But, Scott parents helped the band to find another vocalist and that lead to the band being alive today.

Another important historical fact is the history behind the creation of their logo. The logo name come from their sister, Margaret Young, found AC/DC on a sewing machine. The name stuck the brothers and they quickly adopted it as showcasing the power of energy and flow within the band. The first band logo was developed by Gerard Huerta and then the band started their journey forward.

The initial international success happened from the period of 1976-80. Their first UK tour created ripples and they were also sponsored by Sounds magazine. Their international success was also supported by other rock acts of that time including Kiss, Styx, UFO and more.

After Scott death, Brain Johnson took the stage and created amazing fan following for the band with a lead vocalist. All of the glorious time happened in 1980 to 1983. From 1983, the band again started to have a decline with the departure of Rudd. They also had problems in commercial reach, but they started their journey again in 1987.

The latest studio album making ripples is Black Ice(2008-2011).

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