If you want to sell your house today, what would you do first? You can look for an excellent real estate agent to guide you, advise you and help you find a buyer. This is the normal thing to do, but with the average time that homes stay in the market is long, some people turn to companies that purchase homes.

They are known to be home buyers and can complete the purchase of a home very quickly. If you are faced with foreclosure or a delay in mortgage payments, or if you have too many debts, you will need to collect money quickly. The quickest way to do this is to sell your home, which should be one of the essential assets, for home buying companies.

Without having to turn to banks or any other type of lender to finance themselves, they have affordable funds that they can rely on to directly purchase a particular property. They can close a sale in a few days if necessary.

Also, if you are in debt, the only way out is to take bold steps. In that case, you may lose your home, but you should think about going back to your life and starting over. However, if you are determined to stay at home, you can find a cash buyer who offers the opportunity to sell and then rent again.

Better yet, as there is no real estate agent involved in the transaction, the seller can save the thousands of dollars they would have paid to the agent. Cash buyers also buy houses, regardless of where they live.

The criticism against this type of sale is that sellers do not give the fair value of the home. But try to sell to a buyer today, and you’re unlikely to receive an offer for a sale price based on what you think your home deserves or what customers say. In a market saturated with sellers and with very few buyers, they can dictate the price, and the only way to sell is to lower the asking price. Once you have accepted this fact, it makes sense to sell it to someone who can finalize the purchase quickly (unless, of course, you can wait for the market to recover).

There is no specific science on real estate prices; it is one of the simplest mistakes that any vendor can make. You should compare similar properties recently sold, adjust the differences and learn about the market moves.

Of course, if you choose to sell through a real estate agent, this will make your valuations. It is easy to be affected by the person offering the highest list price. Who among us does not want to make the most of a house sale? Indeed, in this age of economic uncertainty, no one will miss the chance to make a big profit. But this is just one of the biggest mistakes a seller can make because the only person who cares about their opinion is the buyer who gives the offer.

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