If you are reading this article, then most likely you are the current head or owner of the beauty or wellness center, or just planning to open a new one. You differ from your colleagues is that you decided to put an end to traditional methods of accounting “on paper” and are in search of software capable of automating the work of your business: electronic registry, computer accounting of beauty products, automatic calculation of wages, fees, etc. In general, you need an effective solution that can not only automate the main processes, but also provide operational, reliable information about the operation of your wellness center. Of course, for every owner price of software is a crucial factor, that is why it is necessary to find a reasonable priced software developing company which will help you make your business profitable and not make you bankrupt. There are many developers who set the high price and don’t provide reliable maintenance. For example, mindbody pricing policy prevents many businesses from introducing their software because of unaffordable cost.

Advantages Of Introducing Specialized Software In Your Wellness Center

Let’s see how good software can help you achieve your goals in terms of profitability and customer loyalty. The advantages of using software in your wellness center are evident because it enables you to:

  • control the actions of personnel at the reception (registration of patients of the clinic, registration of appeals of potential clients, accounting of cash transactions, control over customer deposits and calculation of discount systems, sms and e-mail informing)
  • improve the work of the call-center (accounting of incoming and outgoing calls, recording of telephone conversations, integration with IP telephony, reports on the work of operators);
  • control purchases of products (making up the price list, automation of the warehouse, inventorying, settlements with suppliers)
  • analyze the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns;
  • register the clients’ visits;
  • introduce various loyalty programs;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the center – provide an analysis of the causes of loss of clients;
  • analyze the effectiveness of staff;
  • ensure automatic calculation of wages.

In a nutshell, an automatic mode forms databases and reports on existing forms that facilitate the work of accounting and optimize the management of a wellness center or beauty clinic at all levels. Thanks to the software for the wellness center, the head of the enterprise can receive detailed information about the work of each employee, forming on the basis of objective data a flexible personnel and marketing policy.

It should be also noted that the benefits of using mobile services are enormous, such solutions are the basis for the increasing competitiveness of modern medical centers and clinics, and sooner or later the vast majority of organizations in this sphere will be forced to use modern services such as: sms-informing, online booking services on the the site, universal services for finding trainers or masseurs, access to personal data using a mobile application. Take into account the fact that your mobile app should be user-friendly because many clients are not technology savvy. Do not make your app overly informative, like mindbody app, for instance, and do not add too many features, which would confuse your client.

All in all, the sooner you modernize your business, within the offered information and computer technologies, the more successful will be the struggle for the client and the market.