With the advances made in Vancouver laser hair removal machines you may be left wondering what makes one better than another. It’s all about the technology inside and at Pure Light  why we use a type of laser based on that difference and what in our view gives better results. We wanted a hair removal laser that delivers a high intensity beam in short pulses and increasing reach and overall effectiveness making it suitable for all skin types. It’s made by Cuteris the global leader in laser equipment who use  scientifically proven technology in their laser hair removal systems.

Only a few select companies that produce laser hair removal technology are given FDA approval and Cuteris is among this group. The laser has received FDA approval after testing has proven it optimizes hair removal while protecting the epidermis. Areas it can be used for are the face, neck, underarms, back, chest, bikini line and legs. Please note this treatment is not recommended for those with Diabetes or women who may be pregnant.

As mentioned before another great feature of this laser hair removal system is that it works well on all skin types and from light to very dark skin shades. This was not always possible, previously tanned or darker skinned people would be burned and consequently could not be treated.  Results with this technology are good for those with light brown, brown or black hair for blonde, red or gray hair a different laser is used.

 The technology inside our laser is highly effective and translates into fewer visits which can save you money. Facial hair removal may need 8 to 10 treatments while body hair may require anywhere from  6 to 8 treatments. Results vary with each person having different hair growth phases and that will determine the number of treatments. Studies have shown our laser hair removal system reduces hair growth is reduced by 80 to 85 % on the areas treated.

It takes more than the best technology and that is highly trained and experienced technicians at a Vancouver laser hair removal clinic.