Recently, the technologies have been so advanced and embedded in our lives that now it’s impossible to imagine a journey without your smartphone or tablet. Before starting a trip, each traveler prepares its electronic helpers – applications that can come in handy during vacation.

Thanks to the applications on the smartphone, you can book a hotel room in a few clicks, plan a route, buy air tickets, find the coolest place in an unfamiliar city, read about sights and talk with foreigners in their language by using an interactive translator.

Well, but how to select the best assistants among the infinite number of applications appearing every day? In order to simplify your task, we have compiled a rating of the most required applications, which should be installed on the smartphone of each traveler.


Hopper not only finds the cheapest air tickets, but also recommends the best time to buy them. The creators of the service claim that their own ‘price forecasting technology’ helps users to save up to 40% on tickets, and 95% of Hopper’s offers have much cheaper price than its competitors.

Northwest Airlines

The application stores your data and billing information, and in order to book a ticket, you don’t have to go to third-party sites – the whole process will take not more than 10 seconds.

You can track the necessary flights and receive notifications if the price has changed. The function of ‘price forecasting’ will tell you whether to book a ticket now or later. And in the calendar of ‘profitable flights’ bright days are marked with the lowest prices for tickets in the direction you need. app is a mobile version of the same site for hotel reservation. The application has already become a cult and enjoys great popularity not only among tourists, but also among all people who travel around the world. The application allows you to book a room anywhere in the world easily and often at a bargain price. The database of includes almost half a million hotels.


For today it’s one of the largest hotel reservation resources. You don’t need to search for the hotel sites anymore, just start and select the hotel you like in a few minutes. In addition, the application allows you to apply different filters to the data and adjust them by yourself.



With this easy car rental app, you can quickly and reliably reserve the car wherever you are. Throughout the world, the Rantalcars24h has earned the confidence of customers through the provision of rental cars at low prices with impeccable quality of service. Now it’s all in your smartphone.

Port Willunga, SA - Australia

After starting application you’ll see the search form, where you need to specify the country (city, location) and choose the period of car rental.

The next step is to filter the search results. You can specify there which type of car you prefer (estate, van, luxury, standard, economy, etc.). Then you need to choose the required additional equipment (air conditioner, child seat etc.). After that you just have to choose the desired model of the car along with the most suitable rental price. Having checked all the details, turn to the process of booking and entering personal data.



The application, originally created for check-ins, was gradually reformatted into a fine guide to different sights and establishments. Foursquare works with geo-data and shows what is located nearby – from shops and squares to bars, restaurants and other all kinds of attractions and buildings. The disadvantage of the application is that it works only via Internet. Of course, it’s a very useful app, and your friends will immediately see where you are.

restaurant interiour

Another small moment, which maybe is not known to everyone – with the help of Foursquare you can often find out the Wi-Fi password in nearby establishment and enjoy free Internet. Typically, visitors to establishments share passwords in reviews.

Image It

What if your knowledge of the foreign language is bad or you just too shy to speak with foreigners? The situation can seem hopeless, but in fact the problem will be solved by a simple Image It application, which will explain almost any message with the help of pictograms.

The program is very simple – it contains 450 useful pictures, broken down into categories. With their help you can show, for example, that you need a taxi by finding the right icon. You can even create complex sentences from several icons at once. For example, ‘taxi-airport-price’. In general, the application is excellent.


Google Maps

Google constantly improves its maps by adding to them more and more new features. As the creators claim, it’s impossible to get lost with their maps. Developers permanently impress with innovations and try to make their assurance of the impossibility of getting lost an indisputable fact. With the help of Google Maps you can plan the route of any complexity and find out which transport is more convenient to reach your destination.

Google Maps on HTC Hero

In addition, Google is now working to make all maps available offline. It should be noted that the location in the offline access can be determined to within a meter. But to list all the possibilities of Google Maps, perhaps, there won’t be enough even two pages. Undoubtedly, this application should be installed on the smartphone not only of the traveler, but also of any city resident.