Aneesh Kodali is an ace tennis player who is the alumni of the University of North Caroline. He has pursued his graduation in the streams of Mathematics and Economics. He has been adept with great skills and prudence while performing any task in his college. Either be it any academics or sports performance he has always emerged with the flying colors. His profound intellect assisted him to take part in various college based debates and the vigilant attitude helped him in the witty rebuttals. Such qualities has truly  attained him a good name during college days.

His achievements in the college tennis competitions fetched Kodali manifold awards with requisite felicitations. He has just been consummate with his transcendent which almost made him the leading tennis player of his college. What adds the feather to his cap is the proficiency in the language Python and R programming. He also has avid skills in Excel, Access, SQL, VBA, and statistical inference. In college, apart from his achievements, he has been applauded for his presentations in various programs.

What he always emphasized is the unique mode of demonstrations, which incorporated virtuous skills to keep the audience glued to it. He has also attended short course workshops that have elevated his level of the knowledge to the optimal. These workshops are offered through UNC Odum Institute which imparts the knowledge about software such as SPSS, SAS and STATA. This clearly makes the facet clear that there is ample learning ability in him. Most often it is found that the person who focuses on sports has barely time for the academics, but here the situation is as different as chalk and cheese. His earnest desire for knowledge is incomparable and also manifests that he has more desire in life be it with tennis or the programs.

Aneesh Kodali has the expertise of tennis for like ten years. As he competes in the local leagues, he stands as the superior of all in his college and in the local region. The best example of the benevolence reflecting from his façade is that of the non-profit tennis camp, which he opened for the children. He may not have got the time to live his childhood with something special, hence helped the children to fulfill their dreams or to make their dreams bigger. At such an age, Aneesh Kodali has proved his skills in different field and certainly deserves great applaud. There are several factors which advocate the fact that Kodali has attained abundance at a  younger age and will sure reach the pinnacle in his life. As it is the rule of nature that the constant companion of hard work and the dedication always helps one attain great heights. And this characteristic utterly matches with Kodali, as he will enjoy the prosperity in the future.