Facebook is a social networking site and distributes the services to all over the world. The Facebook was developed in the year 2004 on February 4 by the expert Mark Zuckerberg with his some college friends. And the head office was located in California, in the United States. The Facebook is used to send and share the videos, photos, messages between the users. The people used this face book with different kind of devices through various operating systems.

Facebook is now taking the other alternative thrust at fugacious messaging on mobile with an application is known as Slingshot. This app is developed for mobile messaging by the comfortable for users.

The application is launched by the experts through statements of users in the Snapchat. And other applications will be used by the people for sharing self destructing contents with friends.

Slingshot attracts unavoidable correlations to Snapchat. As per the published reports, Facebook is also attempting to purchase the Snapchat’s creator for 3 billion dollars. However, there are some key contrasts between the two.

The following key features are available in the Slingshot, those are:


Facebook started creating Slingshot accessible Tuesday to the U.S. clients; however the organization suddenly launched it a week ago in Apple’s application store, providing for some vigilant Facebook watchers an early impression before the application was expelled from the store. This app Slingshot will be used in both Apple and Android devices. And also works on the both types of devices. The facebook registration is not necessary.

How it Works

After completion of downloading, you can sign up either with a Facebook account or your cellular telephone number. You attached contacts depends on your Facebook companions and telephone contacts.

Opening the application takes you to its Polaroid, which has a “shoot” cash for taking a preview and a “selfie” cash for, you speculated it, a selfie. In the wake of taking a photograph, you can sort a message of up to 140 characters on it, or draw a picture. You can send these messages to your friend’s contacts.

Unlike Snapchat

Not at all like with Snapchat, there is no time constraint on when a message vanishes. When you are carried out taking a gander at it, you can flick it off to the side and it self-destructs, similarly you’d dismiss a possible mate on Tinder’s dating application. Slingshot also has the permits response shots.

Second Take

Facebook had an old snapshot-like application called Poke, not yet it got on.

The slingshot is the second application to leave Facebook’s Creative Labs, an inside venture intended to create separate applications in a startup-nature. The main application from the lab was Paper, a social news spectator that turned out in February. And this is one of the paper app utilized by the consumers.

Flynn says that, ten individuals have been taking a shot at Slingshot since January. It developed out of a December hackathon at Facebook where individuals were attempting to evaluate “better approaches for offering”.

The Prospects

Indeed Facebook recognizes that its Creative Labs applications are beginning little and may not achieve a group of people that Facebook itself arrives at. The thought is to offer something for everybody. The main thinking is that, to provide some particular data for every user.

Anyway, with a plenty of social offering applications out there, Slingshot faces searing rivalry contest from a snapshot as well as Instagram, which Facebook claims, and Whatsapp, which Facebook is purchased for $19 billion. The test will be to show how it’s diverse and the days ahead will say which one would be better.