If you’re anything like me, you own way too many things. So many items, in fact, that you have trouble finding a place to fit them on the many surfaces in your house. Instead of getting rid of the excess stuff, you throw as much as you can on shelves and in bookcases to help hide the clutter. You realize later, of course, that the stuffing method is actually working to enhance the look of clutter in your home, rather than minimize it. Well, not anymore.

Welcome, lockers.


Yes, lockers. Like in the 7th grade.

Lockers are slowly transforming into the latest crave for any loft apartment, small studio and family home. But, why lockers? They are so … juvenile.

Two words: storage space. The one thing we never seem to have enough of. Mothers know the struggle of attempting to fit every extra thing into boxes, up into the attic and out of the way. But what if that struggle could be eliminated entirely without sacrificing design or your favorite teacup succulent?

Lockers are an excellent method for hiding those items you prefer remain unseen while also keeping them close enough that you don’t have to travel to a storage unit or climb a rickety ladder to see them again. What’s more, you can choose from a massive array of designs and styles that match your home decor, from rustic to contemporary, modern to minimalist.

Do you require something a little less bulky than the standard locker? Laptop and cell phone lockers are a smaller design that help you keep organized without taking up all the unused space in your living room or office. They are easily assembled to be stacked on the floor or float above the couch in a row. Whatever your preference.

Afraid lockers might be the wrong style for your home? Fear not. Lockers are now available in wooden models that enhance the natural beauty of your home while maintaining a more refined look for your classy friends and family. Choose from solid wood, wood laminate or veneer wood and find the style and color that says, “ooh la la.”

Perhaps you prefer a more rustic approach to your interior design. Gym lockers come in ventilated and double ventilated models that make you feel like you’re living in the city and ballin’ on a budget, while also maintaining a mid-century modern vibe. Tinted gym lockers are the perfect piece to bring some culture and color to your favorite space.   

Achieving the perfect shabby-chic home can be tricky, but with the right items and a modern take on old-school styles, the perfect home is just waiting around the corner.

Still having trouble turning your lockers into a stand-out piece in your home? Follow these interior design tips on turning your dirty lockers into a perfect centerpiece for the entire space.