The traditional way to heat homes was through a stove that used wood or coal to produce warmth. In the past 50 years or so, with newer built houses and apartments, most homes now rely on central heating systems with radiators and a boiler to produce the heat. They are easy to control, with a thermostat determining your required temperature. However, more recently multifuel stoves are returning to homes in the UK en masse, being chosen as the preferred heat source. Here’s some reasons why.

The Return of Stoves

  • Pollution – Whilst coal fires in living rooms and bedrooms used to be commonplace, they produced a lot of smoke and soot. That’s what chimneys are for, but traditional fireplaces still produce a lot of pollution and not ideal to be around. Multifuel stoves are much cleaner alternatives, producing little pollution given the correct venting.
  • Focal Point – Multifuel stoves are an attractive focal point for any room. People like the flickering fire to gaze up whilst relaxing, that reminds them of the way they grew up. With a roasting fire a room can get very cosy in the colder months. Many of the stoves themselves have a great design that compliments the interiors of people’s homes. In areas of the country where homes have adequate venting, such as in the Midlands, many people are now choosing to make the investment and install a solid-fuel stove. The number of people installing multifuel stoves in Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, and Nottinghamshire has vastly risen over the past decade.
  • Uses – Traditional multifuel where used in homes to heat water and also for cooking. That is less the case these days, when they are used primarily to heat rooms and homes. However, it is still possible to double your stove as a boiler, heating water as the stove produces heat, and then this can be connected to your central heating system. Fuel for the stove is easy to attain, as it can be wood, coal, or peat. Burning peat used to be commonplace in Scotland and Ireland, yet these days it’s almost non-existent. However, wood pellets and solid coal briquettes are usually easy to come by.

The Popularity of Stoves

Even though we started taking fireplaces and stoves out of our homes around 50 years ago, the installation of stoves is on the rise. Their popularity is growing greatly, and this is for several reasons. They offer a real fire which is clean and not like a traditional fireplace that typically produces a lot of pollution. A multifuel stove looks great in any home. There are several designs out there, ranging from ultra-modern to very traditional, and are bound to provide a delightful centre piece to any room. Stoves provide a variety of uses, and you can even connect it to your central heating system to be smart and save money. Fuel for stoves isn’t hard to come by.