Are you about to embark on higher education? Maybe your exam results have just landed…and having made the grade, your passage to the next institution is smoothed?


These are exciting times. You are on the cusp of a new beginning, about to push ahead into the unknown world of student life. Are you ready?

What’s your subject, then? Where will your educational aspirations take you?


Artistic scholars often place London at the top of the list. Where better than London to channel your genius? The vibrant capital city has long been a magnet for those burning with a desire to make, create, design, paint, sculpt, stitch and fashion all manner of objets d’art.

The great news is, London loves art. There’s a history here of philanthropy and great passion for the artistic disciplines, so creative types often feel as if they have come home when they arrive. You can’t swing an easel in this city without hitting an art gallery – it’s that good.

There are several art schools and colleges to choose from, all offering different timetables and courses. You will select your establishment depending on your focus – here’s a brief overview of University of the Arts London and the six well known colleges that make up the group: UAL – University of the Arts London. This title encompasses six colleges, Camberwell School of Art, Central St Martins, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Wimbledon College of Art, London College of Communication and London College of Fashion.

Of these collegiate superstars, Camberwell School of Art shines out like a beacon. This world renowned institution is tough to gain entry to and your portfolio will have to be of the highest quality. That said, once you get the green light, life in London as a Camberwell student is dreamy.

Students in London naturally gravitate towards the cheaper areas of town and south of the river in Camberwell is no exception. With Camberwell School of Art at its heart, this area has been colonised by arty bars, restaurants and facilities catering to the creative crowd.

For student accommodation Camberwell is a great place to start looking as there is a wide mix of digs available from private rental, uni halls and specially modified, all inclusive student accommodations with comprehensive facilities. If your degree course is focused south of the river and you need a place to live for student accommodation Camberwell is the smart choice for convenience, cost and location.

Sharing a drink with friends after a tough day of seminars is one of the pleasures of student life. Around Camberwell you find plenty of hip bars, heavy on the personality and quirk much loved by artists. Choose from Communion Bar, The Camberwell Arms and Stormbird, all three are found on Camberwell Church Street – and you can grab a drink and a snack without totally blowing your meagre student budget.

For music and DJs, hunt down The Tiger on Camberwell Green, a venue that stays open late and offers a variety of sounds, food and comfortable sofas. Real music junkies head for the long established Rat Records on Camberwell New Road where you can hunt amongst their massive vinyl selection and chat to knowledgable staff about esoteric bands nobody else has ever heard of.

If you prefer to look rather than listen, head for the amazing South London Gallery on Peckham Road where art greats such as Gilbert & George and Tracey Emin have graced the space with their exhibits.

If you have an adventurous palate, you can go on some wonderful culinary journeys in Camberwell. Whether it’s fare with a Turkish, Cameroonian, Chinese, Kazakhstani or Spanish twist, there’s a lot on the menu to get your taste buds jiving.

If keeping fit is important to you, Camberwell Swimming Baths are a great place to take a dip or work out in the gym. This beautiful listed building in a historical Flemish style is so gorgeous to look at on the outside, it works as the perfect motivator to keep you visiting regularly.

Many students choose London as a place to study because the standards of teaching are world class, the facilities unbeatable and inspiration lies everywhere in its rich cultural fabric. It’s a creative hub and a place where ideas take shape and miracles happen. So when you turn up with your portfolio, paints and passion, are you ready to join the throng of hopefuls taking the art world by storm?