There are many buildings which contain asbestos- containing materials, also known as ACM. If you have an ACM in your industrial premises, then you must arrange to have a survey carried out. It is really a good idea if you are going for any industrial roofing repairs.

An asbestos survey would help you in finding out whether asbestos is present or not, and if so where it is located and how much of it. It can also provide you the information about the asbestos condition and whether it poses any type of threat, as the asbestos type which is present and how efficient it is to access.

If have a commercial premises and you may think that asbestos may be present in the roof, then it would be important for you to hire an asbestos roofing contractor to make all the possible repairs. You cannot get to know whether asbestos is present until you have gone for the survey.

There are two types of asbestos surveys; asbestos survey management and refurbishment surveys. The first would be suitable when no refurbishments are planned and premises currently in use, and the second is used if any building needs to be refurbished. The survey type which you are choosing must be depending upon whether you are going for any refurbishment work or not.

Asbestos is no longer used in the new building construction; it remains present in the older buildings only. If you have asbestos in your premises, then it is nice to know how much is present and where it is located before you going for any renovation works.

This is because asbestos can be very fatal. If you are breathing in the particles, then you would get some serious health problems such as lung cancer. You could become ill if you are carrying out some DIY on the premises or attempting to fix any commercial roof instead of contact an asbestos roofing specialist. If asbestos is present in your roof or wall, then you must always get specialist advice before going further what to do with it.

Management asbestos surveys are designed to manage and identify asbestos containing materials which are risk during the daily occupation of a commercial building. A surveyor would help you in carrying out this type of survey. The main purpose of a asbestos survey management is to ensure that

  • ACM is in good condition
  • ACM wouldn’t be disturbed, either by accident or by purpose
  • ACM within the premises or machinery wouldn’t harm the occupants.

If you are proceeding further on your industrial premises work, then make sure you are contacting a professional surveyor. You should look for a surveyor with experience of carrying out the surveys and who is fully aware of the risk which is involved and has adequate training. A qualified and professional surveyor would carry out these asbestos surveys for you easily to help you ensure you meet your duty always to mange asbestos. So, contact them now!