Plant pots are the containers in which plants and different types of flowers are grown and displayed. These pots are made of terracotta. Nowadays, the plant’s pots are usually made of plastic, wood, marble and other recyclable materials. The balcony plant pots are the containers containing beautiful plants and flowers kept on your balcony. These plant pots add extra beauty to your balcony. Usually, these plants have a drainage hole that allows extra water to drain out. This water can be used by the roots of the plants whenever needed. However, these plant pots require regular maintenance.

Balcony Plant Pot: Add Beauty To Your Balcony

Here are some  measures that one can take to add beauty to the balcony:

#1. Choose the Right Balcony Plant Pot

You need to choose the pots according to your balcony size. While selecting the pots make sure it has few drainage holes in the bottom to allow water to pass out freely. If there are no holes it will cause your plants to die. The type of plant you choose totally depends on your taste, style and preference. Budget plays a very important role while you are selecting the containers.

#2. Choosing the Right Potting Mix

Try to put fresh soil in pots and not use it from the yard or garden as it can be filled with weed seeds, insects, and fungal diseases. . You should buy soil from local shops near you. You should buy the soil which is light and a loose mixture of peat moss and decomposed matter.

In order to minimize this maintenance, you should mix fertilizers and other moisture retaining crystals. Follow the instructions given outside the box of fertilizer carefully.

#3. Choose the Right Plants for Your Balcony

You should choose the right plant for the right place. Therefore, while selecting balcony plant pots you should select the pots which are suitable for your balcony. Plant plants according to the sunlight conditions. You can plant roses if your balcony gets a good amount of sunlight. If you want to plant multiple variations of plants, you should select the plants which require the same amount of sunlight and other conditions to grow.

Balcony Plant Pot: Add Beauty To Your Balcony

#4. Prepare Pots Carefully

If you have selected large, heavy pots keep them in the place where they need be fixed before filling. This is done because after filling them they will become heavy. Once you have filled the balcony plant pots water them nicely because fresh soil and pots need more water than old ones. Before filling the pots with soil just check the moisture content. Put enough soil in the pot so that the base of the plant is just 1 inch away from the top of the plant. You can pat down the soil with your light hands in order to settle the soil.

#5. Pot the Plant

The last step is to pot your plant. For this, you have to remove the plant from its nursery box or container. You can provide support to the root ball by placing one finger on each side of the stem and then the tip of the root. After that, the plant will fall into its place gently and easily.

The process of planting balcony plant pot is very easy if you do it step-by-step. It should be done carefully and with patience. Do not forget to water the plants regularly. These balcony plants will surely add beauty to your balcony if you maintain them on a regular basis. They will provide you with a lot of positive vibes too.