We usually go through many articles, journals or take some help from beauty experts to know what fashion is and what we can do to look fashionable and stylish. To be frank, there is no definition for fashion. It keeps changing with the arrival of some new products and accessories. Some clothes that look fashionable today might look outdated after couple of months. So, you do not need to think so much about fashion. Adopt a unique style and follow some general principles. By following this simple method, you will be appreciated as a fashionable person in your circles.

We belong to a society where we are expected to participate in many functions. Those functions might be traditional or contemporary. But when you prepare yourself for these functions, your first focus should be on your cloth and accessories. You need to take care about everything that includes hairstyle, handbag and accessories. Remember that, if you want to look exceptional and extraordinary you will have to observe everything carefully before leaving your home. A trendy look does not require much effort. In fact, you can prepare yourself for grand occasion within an hour.

If you are attending a function that has dress code or party theme, you will have to prepare yourself accordingly. You need to follow that theme or dress code. But make sure that you are doing your best to get recognized in a dress code party.

Do you want to make fashion list for different kinds of occasions, but have a little idea about the clothes and accessories that can suit different kind of occasions? Then go through these tips. This will help you to look trendy in all occasions.

Wedding Functions

The best wedding outfit is mid-length cocktail dress. You can choose blue, yellow or pink color. Dresses with these colors go well with all wedding functions. A stiletto can make good combination with a wedding dress you have. When it comes to accessories, choose sober and classy designs that match well both with church wedding and hotel wedding.

If you are attending an evening reception then you will have to be much more careful than the day wedding. A full-length gown with gloves will be the best outfit for this occasion. Do not wear pants or business formal dresses that will not get appreciated in wedding party. Diamond and pearl jewelry with pair of high-heeled shoes will be the best combination you can get spots like this from JustFab.com for wedding party as far as accessories are concerned.

Social Gatherings

If there is no dress code choose any strapless and sleeveless one piece. Strappy sandals with an embroidered handbag will go well with these occasions. You will not have to worry how you will look because in these occasions all dresses go well.

New Year or Christmas Party

For these kinds of occasions, a woman should wear full-length gowns with gloves. While choosing jewelry, you should get a gold or silver watch. But you have to choose colors carefully. For this red or white shade dresses will go well.

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