SEO is a fantastic component to include in your digital marketing campaign for every type of business, whether you provide IVA advice or you’re a fashion business! We’re here to introduce 3 of the benefits that come with investing in SEO, if you’re not sure whether or not you should invest in it. For us, it’s an absolute no-brainer, so we hope you feel the same after reading this article! 

Increase Your Online Visibility

The first benefit of SEO for your business is that you can increase your online visibility in search engines. When SEO is done well, your website should appear for a range of terms that are relevant to your business when people are searching for them. For example, if you’re a fashion company who specialises in dresses, you want to make sure that when people are searching for things like “Black Mini Dresses” or “Sparkly Dresses”, that your website appears. You will be investing in appearing in front of users who are looking for exactly what you offer, as long as the SEO is done well and the most relevant keywords are selected! The keywords you are able to target will vary based on how much authority your website already has, for example it would take a long time (but it isn’t impossible) to compete with some of the country’s biggest fashion brands. However, when you stick with SEO and have a strong strategy in place overtime, it can make a big difference. 


Target Local Customers Who Are More Qualified

Another benefit of choosing SEO is that you can target local customers who will be highly qualified. As mentioned, a benefit of SEO is that you can target people who are looking for exactly what you offer, and you can also make sure that the people you’re targeting are within your catchment area. For example, say you’re doing dental SEO, you wouldn’t necessarily want to target national terms like “Invisalign” or “Dental Implants”, unless you had practices all over the country, or you wanted to do SEO as more of a brand awareness tool. 


If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website and make sure that traffic converts into qualified enquiries, then you would make the keywords that you target on each page localised, such as “Invisalign Wolverhampton” or “Dental Implants Leamington Spa”. You can make the area as niche as possible, as long as enough people search for it per month. Often targeting these types of keywords won’t drive as much traffic, but you may get 1,000 users a month and out of them, 50 of them make an inquiry. This is much more effective than trying to compete with national terms, and if you do rank, say you get 10,000 users coming to your website a month. If only 10 of them actually live within close distance to your practice, you might only get around 5 of them enquiring. As you can see, not only will you rank for less competitive terms more quickly, but you will also get much better results in terms of inquiries.