We know doctors or surgeons wear gloves during physical, clinical or surgical assessment of patients. They do the same for two reasons – first, to avoid any risks of bacteria or germs enter the body of either patients or caregivers, and second, to grip or hold medical products perfectly. We know the first task holds more value as infection risks can have some really serious implications in the long run. So, quite naturally, the selection of gloves should be done with care to ensure risk-free and efficient medical procedures. This is where nitrile gloves add value to the medical profession for their obvious advantages.

Benefits Of Using Nitrile Gloves

Here are some of benefits these nitrile-made gloves bring –

  • Nitrile products are the best option for all those allergic to latex as they are made from synthetic rubber and don’t cause allergy as natural rubber does
  • They are considered the best option purely for delivering superior performance in a variety of work situations and applications
  • The gloves made from nitrile are rated about three times more puncture resistant than those made from latex and that’s why they are used more
  • They deliver a stronger layer of protection and provide a superior chemical resistance and that’s why they are preferred so much in the profession
  • They are easier to take off the hands and also to put on purely as they have a lower resistance to friction
  • The gloves made from nitrile do not contain any traces of natural rubber and thus, they are fit even for all those with latex allergies
  • These gloves are disposable in nature but since they have superior tear and puncture resistance, they can be worn over and over again
  • Doctors can even wear them under other gloves to get water-proof benefits for their procedures
  • These gloves make a snug and comfortable fit as they easily get molded to the shape of a hand and plus they reach to the body temperature
  • They are preferred for having a longer shelf life than those products made from latex
  • They don’t absorb water as much as other gloves do even if they work in wet settings as they are able to resist permeation better
  • Gloves made from nitrile are versatile and can be used in different industries with ease
  • They deliver a high level of sensitivity which adds to the overall performance level
  • They are safe and effective even if they are worn for an extended period of time
  • They offer more benefits that gloves made from latex or vinyl can deliver and that’s why are used for many applications
  • They work well in high-risk situations involving infectious materials and that’s why are considered a right fit for medical settings
  • They are capable of resisting many chemicals and thus doctors can remain assured of great and risk-free performance
  • They are known to deliver excellent strength and chemical protection which are not available with other products in the domain
  • They can provide good elasticity, sensitivity and comfort and that’s why used a lot in the medical domain
  • These gloves are durable and thus ensure cost-efficiency benefits not delivered by others in the domain