It’s a privilege to own a handloom saree; do you have one?

Well, in India, where 65% of the population still prefers to wear sarees except the typical North Indian dressing custom, it is really a wide section to tell variety style tips revolving around sarees. The best wonder of Indian fashionista is that she can’t make her Indian ethnic wardrobe complete without infusing Indian handloom sarees. They are just like the quintessential part of any wardrobe selection here. You might be wondering – ‘why’!

India has the richest textile industry in the world and boasts of multiple endless varieties of traditional sarees including Bengali Banarasi sarees, Tant sares or Kerala sarees and etc. The name of high-end class Handloom sarees revolves around silk and cotton fabric. These sarees take almost three to four days to get completed. Our Indian weavers at the outside skirt of towns accomplish this kind of work through their expert hands and the toughest patterns and embroidered works are done through a jacquard machine.

If someone has them, the draping ideas and style patterns always haunt them. Check out the best ways to wear Handloom & Kerala sarees.

Scroll down and take the adventure on the go:

1. Handloom sarees feature amazing texturing, design and colour combination. These sarees are great when you wish to complement them with oxidised jewellery and antique bags and other accessories.

2. A bindi is the smallest yet most important part of the sringaar! Keep your head level high wearing this and select the colour of the bindi according to the colour of the saree. For example; if your saree is extremely light in shade then choose a shade darker for your bindi.

3. If you are slim and want to give your body a fuller look, then try out oxidised jhumkas and large bindis. To make your figure line look wider than before then try out hanging thread like earrings which will also give you a taller illusion.

4. Avoid choosing a very contemporary design while tailoring blouse to wear with Kerala sarees or Handloom drapes. Quarter or semi cuffs are the most trending ones.

5. Do you know that the style of handloom sarees producing in Kerala got its inspiration from the designs of Sri Lanka? And why not; the states are so near to each other and also share their taste as well.

6. Each and every state has its own significance in their working style of handloom drapes. And some of those states are Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, and many other North East states.

7. Don’t add belts or other additional accessories in the name of amplifying your look because these sarees have their own glow and do not need any additional materials. Keep your makeup minimal to ooze out your natural beauty.

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