If you have landed here after reading the title of this post, then we are assuming that you must be looking for ways to display social media feeds on website. 

Social media, as a medium, offers an extensive amount of content to brands that can help in making their website more impactful and boost its performance. 

Taking this into consideration, brands have started to embed social media feeds into their website to reap incredible benefits. 

Embedding social media feeds is possible using social media aggregation tools and there are various options available that can lead to confusion. 

In this post, we will be telling you about a few best options that can help you embed social media widget on Squarespace website.

Let’s get started! 

Most Recommended Tools To Embed Social Media Widget On Squarespace 


First up on the list is Tagembed, a leading and super-efficient social media aggregation platform that enables users to easily aggregate content from over 20+ social media platforms including all the leading ones like Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Apart from collecting content, Tagembed users can leverage the additional features of the tool to make the social media widget more impactful. The Tagembed tool comes with a customization panel that offers styling options like themes, templates, etc. Additionally, the users can eliminate any irrelevant content from the social media widget content. 

After publishing the content on the widget, the users can use insightful analytics to track its performance. Detailed insights like total clicks, likes, impressions, etc., would help them determine how the users are reacting to the social media widget. Additionally, the other features of the tool are automatic content updates and a back support team for assisting users every time they come across any hindrance while using the widget. 


Another great social media aggregation option for embedding social media widgets is Juicer. Compatible with almost all social media networks, Juicer enables users to easily collect content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

In terms of customization, the tool offers 8 themes to its users for customizing the widget. Moreover, the paid version of the tool displays the post right one minute after going live. On the other hand, the free version displays content 24 hours after it goes live. 

Taggbox Widget 

Taggbox widget is another great social media aggregation option that lets its users curate and embed social media widget on their Squarespace website within a few minutes. 

Using the Taggbox widget, users can use the advanced features of the tool to increase its visual appeal and impact. 

Taggbox widget offers a wide range of customization options to style the widget according to their requirements. Additionally, the content of the widget can also be maintained using the profanity filter. The other features of the tool are automatic content updates and a support team for anytime assistance. 


Another great option to embed social media widget on website is Elfsight. The tool allows its users to display social media posts in the form of a carousel or slider. The free version of the tool has limited features and is great if you want to showcase a specific number of posts. 

The users of the tool can catch a preview of how the social media widget looks before making it live on the website. Additionally, the users can readjust the height and width of the widget to suit the overall look and feel of the brand website. 

Embed Social 

The last option on the list is Embed Social. Using this tool, the users can easily display a plethora of content from social media, be it from Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Apart from this, the users can also embed customer reviews from various sources and embed them on the website. 

The tool also offers a number of options when it comes to its features. The users can customize the widget how they want it to look. 

Final Thoughts 

We are at the conclusion section of this blog and you are fully aware of the tools that can be used to embed social media widget on your Squarespace website. All the aforementioned tools are super easy to use and complete the process in a few clicks. 

All that is required now is for you to pick the one that fits your requirements best and you will be good to go!