When one of your employees is the designated expert on safety training, it not only allows them to feel empowered, but they serve as a great resource for their colleagues.

This is what makes Johnston’s Train the Trainer program a necessity for your forklift operating team. This safety training program is designed for those who will lead your in-house safety training.

Boost Your Employee’s Confidence With Johnston’s Train The Trainer Program

In just three days, a forklift operator will be able to test and evaluate other operators on two different models, as well as coordinate safety policies and procedures.A trainer’s manual with step-by-step instructions, a training video, model-specific videos, and 10 student packages are all provided as learning tools.

According to Johnston, the best safety training happens in an environment consistent with your own workplace policies, so they complete an on-site inspection prior to the program.

As with almost all of Johnston’s programs, the Train the Trainer program can either be completed at your facility, or at aJohnston facility near you.

To locate your nearest Johnston facility, and for the number to call for further information, click here.