Gaming industry is a million dollar industry and is popular all over the world. Playing games is fun. There are many people who just love to spend time in casinos after every day of tiresome work or on every weekend. Storm International is one of the leading companies by Darren Keane that has played a major role in taking the gaming and casino industry to a new height. This company is the operator of many casinos and gaming complexes around the world. Storm international has its casinos under the brand name Shangri La. So, you can easily find the casinos, casino hotels and gaming centers by the name Shangri La. All the hotels and casinos operated by this company are the complete five star luxury establishments.

Boosting The Trend Of Gaming Across The Globe

Grand opening of casino in Yerevan

Recently, Storm international has inaugurated a new casino Shangri La X.O in Yerevan city of Armenia.  This project was completed with the assistance of Multi group which is a long term partner of Storm international in Armenia. In this casino in Yerevan, the company has tried to bring a little bit of change according the latest trends, there are few private gaming rooms, a large dining area, bar, 8 tables for classic table games and 8 slot machines for slot games. These facilities are basically to attract more customers to the casinos so that   it can boost the demand of casino in Armenia.

Few statements by the CEO

The CEO, Darren Keane Storm International telegraph has mentioned about the changing environment of gaming in his several interviews. He has said that such changes are driving his company Storm international and he is working in an innovative way to grow the casino and gaming industry all over the world. For this, is making intense efforts to popularize the casino and gaming industry in  various parts of  the world include in those w countries where it is considered illegal.