The general norm followed by people at large, with regards to helping the poor and the underprivileged is to give alms at the lowest level and a donation or sponsorship at the highest. But it is time, the elite class should realize something – it is not a shameful thing for them to be living under such adverse conditions. On the contrary, it is a shame for the fortunate section of the society that they are not being able to uplift their fellow human beings and raise the standard of their society and consequently their nation.

It is absolutely shocking to see that people consider giving alms to the poor a way of winning God’s goodwill! God surely never had intended to create such difference among his creation, because He created each human according to His own image and likeness. Hence, it is time people start to join hands together with non-profit organizations like Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation and help in the alleviation of poverty.

Bring Financial Stability With Micro Financing

This organization has been rendering a system of micro financing for the less fortunate people, a scheme by which small amounts of money are given out as loan to the needy, with the help of which they try and set up a new, small business, or at times put in more capital and expand the business that they are already running. The Mercy Foundation has stretched it helping hand far and wide, in over fifty countries within six continents, such as Asia, Africa, Latin America, etc.

Both the leaders and the volunteers of this foundation believe that the real help that can be given to the poverty stricken people is giving them a way of breaking away from the bondages of poverty. This shackle can only be broken when they are able to upgrade themselves by earning something on a regular basis through the right means. Some of productivity activity should be made available to these people so that they do not engage themselves in the illegal things of the society.

It is a very easy thing to allure these lower class people by promising them big money and getting them involved in the illegal activities, but that will make jump from frying pan to fire. It is much better to live in poverty than to do something that is ethically, morally as well as socially wrong. When the stronger part of the society comes forward with plans such as the micro financing for their poor brothers and sisters, they start feeling a sense of being wanted.

Following this when they start to earn money little by little, they realize the kind of financial stability it is bringing them and at the same time giving them the satisfaction of a sumptuous life. The micro financing system requires a borrower to repay the amount borrowed in small amounts and while they do this they are able to save up money for their personal future use as well.

The Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation is doing a commendable job across globe and has been responsible in changing a lot of lives through micro financing, by providing the much required financial stability to the ‘poor brothers and sisters’.