Does your child get hooked to YouTube or Facebook during summer holidays? Does he get too pre-occupied with electronic gadgets? Do you feel guilt about the fact that you are not being able to provide a good opportunity to your child to be productive? Do you wonder why your child never bothers to gaze at the stars like you loved doing in your childhood? Do you know why he never ever thought how much fun it could be to follow tracks of ant or just to walk by a lake?

Actually, in today’s world, technology and increased pressure to do good enough in studies has alienated children from Mother Nature to a great extent. If you feel that it is high time to act before it is too late, bring your child close to nature this summer holiday by enrolling him in best of the camps in the Michigan State i.e. Greenwoods Camp. The camp solely for boys have the best of accommodation facilities for overnight stay with cabins equipped with bathrooms and electricity in a quaint village Decatur away from the madness of a city life.

A Chance to Live Amidst Nature’s Bliss

All boys in the camp accommodate themselves in well-equipped cabins surrounded by green trees with a campfire circle in the middle! Cooking under the sky or just chatting mindlessly with friends under the stars gives them ample reasons to just wondering at the stars high above or just listening attentively to the frogs croaking at a distant place which becomes quite distinct in the quietness of dark.

Be it dance, gymnastics or archery, everything is done amidst nature’s bliss and give them a chance to feel close to nature as well as wondering at the hidden surprises thrown by Mother Nature every now and then. Moreover, swimming and sailing in waters with fellow campers encourage children to get close to nature which is rarely possible when your child is swimming in a club swimming pool.

The wonderful ambiance of Greenwoods Camp also make it possible for your child to notice the floating clouds for the first time and to figure out their distinctive shapes so different from each other and yet looking so adorable in the vast blue sky. It is not that nature does not have anything to offer your child to enjoy. It only depends on you how much you think it is important for your child to feel close to nature for the overall health benefits and to increase his sense of community.

Moreover, visiting a zoo and dancing around the camp fire give them unique opportunities to actually see the wild animals and to learn a lot of folk tales which they can’t learn even hours of doing search over the web while sitting at home.

With more than three dozen of activities in land and water offers ample time to explore the nature and make the value the offerings of the same which people living in the cities choose to ignore conveniently.