Are you interested in buying your own piece of real estate? If you have saved up enough money to buy an existing building, it is important that you carry out proper due diligence before making a purchase. There are a lot of important things that you need to consider when buying your own piece of real estate. Most people don’t exactly realise just how important regular building inspections are. If there is something wrong with the building and the seller doesn’t reveal all of the details on their own, it is important that you take matters into your own hands and get the building inspected.

A conflict of interest is sure to arise, as the seller will try to maintain the original price and highlight the positive points of the building. However, you have the right to hire a third-party inspector and get the building inspected by a reputable provider. Building inspections in Perth are carried out by professional companies that have lots of experience in checking out different buildings and determining their flaws. Here are just a few reasons why carrying out building inspections is so important.

Protect Your Investment

Carrying out proper building inspections is necessary if you want to protect your investment. Simply surveying the building with your own eyes is quite different than hiring a professional building inspector to do the job for you. There are a lot of things that an experienced building inspector can see that an ordinary person wouldn’t even notice.

There are different kinds of inspections from which you can choose. The first is a structural building report that checks whether or not the building is standing on a solid structure and will last for a long time. Dilapidation surveys can also be carried out to determine whether a building is in a good shape or not. You need to talk to your building inspector and ask them to perform a comprehensive survey of the building before you make a decision about whether or not you should pay the price that the seller is asking for it.

Increased Market Value

If you are the seller, getting an inspection report done on your own building could greatly improve the value of your property by a considerable margin. When a prospective buyer approaches with an interest in your building, you can show them that you have all of the documents in order and ready for the sale. This will not only increase your rapport and make it easy for people to trust you, but having a complete building inspections report will greatly increase your chances of making a quick sale.

Since the inspection will have been done by a third party, the buyer will have the peace of mind that nothing has been altered. If they have any questions, they can directly approach the building inspection company themselves and ask them to provide details about the inspection. This will make it easy for you to sell your property at a decent price in the shortest possible amount of time.