The function of an evaporative cooler is to cool a given space with the power of water. There are different kinds of evaporative coolers available for different spaces including the ones for the industries. In the domestic front also, there is a huge demand for evaporative coolers. You must try out evaporative cooler if the area is not that humid. There are special pads used for cooling or humidifying the room. Portable options are also available in the evaporative cooling system. The working mechanism is also simple.


How It Cools the Area?


A portable evaporative cooler uses evaporation in order to cool the air or space. The evaporative cooler draws in hot air and then allows it to pass through the cooling pads. When this happens, the room gets cooled by 10 to 15 degrees.


Benefits of Evaporative Coolers


You may now wonder why to choose portable evaporative coolers. There are several reasons for choosing portable units.

  1. They are not at all harmful for the environment, and herein lay the benefit. You must know that there isn’t any use of Freon to cool the air. Freon is harmful to the environment and portable evaporative cooler simply uses water and cooling pad to cool the surrounding.
  2. In the process of air cooling, no chemical is involved. Thus, by purchasing an evaporative cooler in the home, you are sure to pave the way for the better environment.
  3. You can keep the doors and windows of the room open and let the fresh air in, in the case of evaporative coolers, it is the major benefit of portable evaporative coolers.
  4. It will not dry the air and not cause any irritation to your eyes or nose. In, the fact if you live in the dry region if the air is dry, use an evaporative cooler to humidify it.
  5. They are cost effective because they are energy efficient and easy to maintain.
  6. A portable evaporative cooler is preferred by most of the homeowners. There are units that offer great value for money. Rather than being an air cooler or just performing like an air cooler, the evaporative cooler acts as air purifier also. The cooler draws in musty, dirty or odor air and transforms that into fresh air.
  7. If there is anyone suffering from allergies, you must arrange evaporative air cooler.


How to Select the Evaporative Air Cooler?

  1. Look for HEPA filter in the air cooler. It may cool an area of 200 feet also.
  2. Look for the cool and quiet air-cooling unit.
  3. Choose the cooler which suits your need and budget.
  4. The cooling range of this evaporative cooler relies on the model you choose. Some units have the cooling range between 3000-4000 feet.
  5. The mobile unit must benefit you and should be suitable for your place.
  6. Look for a reliable brand of evaporative cooler which receives most of the positive reviews. You cannot take chances with indoor air quality since your family members breathe in it. Look for evaporative cooler product which is genuine and good.

Having a look at the features and functionality of evaporative cooler, you may feel that it is very expensive. But it is not very expensive. The portable unit may cost you more money in the beginning but in the coming months, it will save money. The money you save on electricity will cover the cost of cooler incurred in the beginning. There are various options in evaporative coolers available in the market. Identify the cooler which suits your budget and needs. In every respect, a portable evaporative cooler is far better than fixed and bulky units.