The truth is: you are modern student and use your smartphone often. It is difficult to find a student, who doesn’t use modern gadgets. What is more, you can use different apps to have fun with. Thus, you may easily talk to your friends, share your position with the group mates. Students are devoted to travelling. Young drivers can easily find an available rent a car spot at San Diego car rental service. Actually, it is not easy to find a helpful app for underage drivers not only in the USA locations, but in the whole world for the road trip. Student travel is easier with the modern apps as you can put age limits, car characteristics, destination, available hotels and cafes on the go.

Apps are used not only for attractions but for study. Of course, OIS, Android, and sometimes Apple present a vast number of impressive programs for student study. They are definitely supportive! You have an opportunity to high your skill. Each student has a list of his/her favorite supportive apps. Let’s check few of them.

Homo Smartphonus


People, including young users, use this program to plan their day in a proper way. This app is especially attractive for students. Planning benefits are obviously seen for students life. You make a pland of your daily routine tasks with the help of scheduling in your telephone. You can also give a voice command to complete the day list. Later, when the tsk is over, you can mark it and unnecessary or delete from the list. The application can be downloaded at any of you gadgets to be always at hand.

2. Inbox Gmail

Checking emails can be problematic if your smartphone is not good for that. Here is a unique offer for young learners, who are still in trouble to check inbox. It is time to receive Inbox on your telephone and forget about your mail problems. Nothing is possible. Just use your Gmail functions, calendar, task list as you did it before from your laptop. Your correspondence is in safe with your new app.

3. Dropbox

Wow! What a smart app! The situation is not new. You have a task to write an essay or course work. Dropbox helps you to download useful files, docs, pictures, video on your smartphone. Definitely, you can do nothing without an internet access. You can check your Dropbox from any place, even if you went out without a telephone. Just download an app and storage your documents and useful information there. There is no fear to forget or lose something important.

YotaPhone 2


Students are very busy. They need to go for study every day, have tests, long hours of home tasks, preparation, after class activity, social groups. Your time is limited. You feel hopeless to read the latest news about your college, city or even country. The application is attractive for the news review. You just subscribe to all news sources that are interesting for you and catch it in your timeline.

5. Scribd

Welcome to the most impressive virtual library! Your personal bookshelf helps you to find a necessary book or document which is important for search and study. Users share their literature. You can easily catch use them and change according to your task. What is more, you can be the holder of your special library, full of books and docs you needed or may need in future.

6. Mathway

Of course, your math test could be unfinished for different reason. Do you feel hopeless? There is an easy way to find a right job. You should try Mathway – progressive mobile app that is helpful to fulfill all your math tasks step by step. Just type your task in the append chose one or solutions that are offered.

Obike-Mieträder in München per Smartphone ausleihen

7. iTunes U

It is not a secret that all upgraded student prefer Apple smartphones to other brands. They can use iTunes U benefits. That simply means that the most of priceless educational programs from the leading educational institutions are available now. You dreamed to go somewhere to legendary Oxford to complete your study. Just support your education with useful materials from the best world institutions.

8. EasyBib

All students write essays. There is also must be a process that is hard. How about a quotations page? It has never been the easiest one. Of course, you write it according to MLA or APA demands and suggestions. Feeling hopeless while working on your literary papers, you may use EasyBib. This is the helpful app that gives you the quotations from the book. Try copy-past!


This is a perfect app for enthusiasts and everyone who needs to read much literature on different topics. Of course, you can often face with the hard words to understand and pronounce. helps you to find a definition of every word you are interested in. This app also can show you TOP the most often used words.


Money problems are often happened to all students. Money used to disappear somewhere all the time. Just download to know all your expenses and income. It makes you responsible about money. Thus, you are able to:

Save money;

Control spends and profits;

Calculate debts and borrows.

Save Money

Look at your app list? Have you something interesting there? You can find a helpful app for everything. TOP modern apps can assist you to solve any study question. Why not? You are a part of a new generation. High scholars and students can make their student years easier and comfortable.