There are several causes of car accident. It could be one’s speeding, reckless driving, using of mobile phone while maneuvering, drunk driving, rubber-necking, poor weather conditions and also a driver fatigue. But apart from these common roots and bases, a vehicle clash does not only focus with an individual’s fault and all outside elements. In fact, there are times wherein a car accident was caused by some faulty parts or products inside. If you are driving a second-hand vehicle, it is a must that you have used car warranty so as to avoid any problems in case an accident happens.

Meanwhile, the most common faulty vehicle parts which had caused minor and serious wounds towards accident victims – such as brain and head injuries, neck injuries, bone fractures, facial injuries and also other psychological negative effects such as an emotional distress – are enumerated and explained below:

  • Steering wheels – Systems responsible for the performance of steering wheel are too compound. There are tendencies wherein the power steering pump would become defective if its hydraulic lines are improperly installed. When such problem took place, a car driver would have a difficult time in operating the steering wheel causing for sudden turns which would eventually initiate an auto accident. As a preventive action, a car driver should observe all noises it would produce from time to time. When rattles and squeals are there, then it could be a sign for some worn vehicle components. These are the ball joints, slipping belts, low power steering fluid and more. When trapped with such defect, gradually slowing or stopping the automobile could save its passengers from acquiring injuries due to mishap occurrence.
  • Brakes – Same with faulty steering wheel indications, progressing problems with brakes may be observed when sounds like screeching, grinding, rubbing and other similar noises would arise. In addition, brake warning lights are good preventive measures to avoid a possible vehicle clash in the future. No one would argue that having a faulty brake while travelling instantly exposes one in enormous amounts of injury threats. This is mainly because vehicles are equipped with brakes to make a stop when there’s an approaching object which could bump and more. Meanwhile, defective brakes are most commonly caused by manufacturer’s errors or negligence and therefore needs to proceed in legal actions if a victim had been subjected to one.
  • Wheels and tires – Other common roots of automobile accidents are glitches with wheels and tires. Unbalanced wheels do not only contribute a vibration which would be uncomfortable for passengers but also a negative affect directly towards a driver’s capacity to fully manipulate and handle the steering wheel. In relation to that, proper alignment of wheel should be maintained because if a driver would fail to do so, then hitting near objects such as parking blocks and alike may happen that would cause injuries and damages as well. When using magnesium wheels, it’s important to divide one’s attention not only to focus on a mag wheels’ physical appearance but also its condition. Additionally, this is why it is extremely important to choose the tyres and rims you want to buy, ensuring that they are up to quality standards.

To clarify, steering wheels, brakes as well as wheels and tires are just three leading automobile parts which when reaching a faulty stage could end up triggering some road accident on the road.

Be careful of the after-market parts you buy as replacement; be cautious of the steering wheels, brakes, and wheels in your local auto supply store by making sure they are genuine and durable. If you have used car warranty, make sure that you will not compromise it when installing car parts.In summary, make sure that all of your car’s parts are functioning and are on their tip-top shape. Also, consulting your car’s manual is also a must.