No one wants to look older than they are or become out of shape as the years go on. Celebrities especially don’t want to succumb to these common issues brought on by aging since their appearances are their livelihoods. Most celebrities stay moderately more active than most of us who spend our nights sitting at home and playing games online, but they still take (at times extreme) measures to keep themselves looking young and fit. If you want to look younger and fitter for longer, then try these seven anti-aging and fitness tips from some of Hollywood’s top stars.

Gwyneth Paltrow Swears By Sunscreen

Gwyneth Paltrow is the queen of health and beauty tips, but her top anti-aging secret isn’t anything complicated. Dermatologists have long sworn by sunscreen as the simplest and most foolproof way to prevent premature signs of aging. Gwyneth wears it each and every day, even during the winter.

Kate Hudson Counts Calories

There’s a lot of fad diets out there and it seems like stars are always plugging some wacky new plan or strategy. However, staying fit is often as simple as just monitoring calories in versus calories out. Kate Hudson skips the fad diets and just counts her calories.

Olivia Wilde Eats Only Unprocessed Foods

There’s nothing healthier than unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts and meat. Olivia Wilde swears that her skin looks its most dewy and youthful when she cuts out processed food entirely.

Mandy Moore Moisturizes With Coconut Oil

Mandy Moore has been a star since she was only 14. Even though the singer-turned-actress is in her 30s now, she barely looks like she’s aged a day. Mandy credits coconut oil with keeping her skin youthful.

Jennifer Lopez Avoids The Booze

Jennifer Lopez has never had a problem with alcohol, but she still lives a sober life. The reason for this is that she believes that it’s the secret for looking younger longer. Other age-defying booze-free stars like Tyra Banks and Kim Kardashian agree. Even if you can’t completely cut alcohol out of your life, cutting back can make a huge difference in improving your skin.

Britney Spears Stays Active

Britney Spears is a mom in her 30s, but she still has the same body that she had when she was a childless teenager. In addition to her grueling concerts, Britney does yoga, lifts weights and sweats it out in the gym. Exercise is essential if you want to keep your body fit as you age, especially if you’ve given birth.

Jessica Alba Exfoliates

Actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba seems to be aging in reverse. One of her biggest beauty secrets is exfoliating, which removes dead skin cells from her face and allows new, youthful cells to appear. This helps her to keep her complexion gorgeous and glowing.