Of the many Ottawa criminal lawyers, Celine Dostaler, available at http://celinedostaler.ca is one of the most reputed and top recommended lawyer firms, capable of taking up any kind of criminal charges. The firm specializes in the practice of criminal law and proves to be one of the best criminal defense lawyers in East Ontario region with an impressive record of successfully handling all kinds of criminal trials, both big and small.

Headed by Celine Dostaler, the firm has a team of highly skilled law professionals who have the knowhow and the expertise to handle any kind of criminal charges. Criminal defense cases that the firm may take up can range from small and common offences such as driving offences to large and serious offences such as homicide. The team consists of skilled DUI lawyers Ottawa and other defense lawyers who prove to best represent clients in a trial and ensure that the results of a trial are as favorable to clients as possible.

The firm tries to guarantee outcomes to clients before trials, however in some tricky situations, this cannot be guaranteed. In such complicated cases and charges, the firm assures clients that it will work hard with the help of an extensive support network in order to achieve only the best possible outcome which is acceptable to clients.

While the firm is well versed in all aspects of criminal law, it specializes in defense cases in the following areas:

–          Driving offences such as DUI, driving over the 80 limit and cases of impaired driving

–          All types of assault charges

–          Domestic and sexual assault charges

–          Thefts and robbery charges

–          Shoplifting charges

–          Fraud charges

–          Bail reviews and bail hearings

–          Drug trafficking and other drug offences

–          Search and seizure offences

–          Obstruction caused to police charges

–          Weapons and firearms related offences

–          Homicide charges

–          Early release from prison and early parole

–          Charges against youth offenders including mischief charges

Impaired driving is one of the most common criminal offences that individuals in Canada are often charged with. Celine’s team of impaired driving lawyers Ottawa have a proven track record with a number of successfully solved cases and satisfied clients who had faced such charges.

This law firm completely understands the social and the personal implications that criminal charges can have on an individual’s life. The firm works as closely with clients as possible and guides them throughout the entire trial process. The firm strongly advocates a proactive social lifestyle and ensures that clients can best return back to society even after being charged with criminal offences. This unique approach has led to the early release from jail for a number of represented clients.

This law firm is Ottawa is highly professional. The firm operates all throughout the week and phone lines are answered 24 hours a day. Individuals can also avail of a free consultation session with Celine Dostaler in which the entire case will be analyzed and the criminal charges and implications will be discussed in detail for any type of criminal offence charges. This only goes to show the high quality of professionalism of the firm and also represents the skills of the firm in handling all types of criminal charges.