How many of you love non-vegetarian food? Do you think that these dishes are going to make you feel rejuvenated? Come on, there is so much to explore in different areas of eatables. Talking about chicken, you can find plenty of chicken options around you. The beauty is that different chickens are filled with diverse ingredients and delicious flavours.

Variety in Chicken

You can estimate the variety in chicken by just going through the richness you have therein. be it Rara chicken, butter chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala or any other chicken dish; everything is filled with delight and richness. There are many chicken dishes in the world and some of the most popular chicken items of India are as under:

Butter Chicken

This classic and iconic Indian eatable is also called chicken makkhani. This dish tastes absolutely phenomenal with kaalidaaland naans. As the name denotes, the dish has some amount of butter blended into gravy ingredients. This dish is a real gem for chicken lovers.

Chicken Tikka Masala

The meaning of tikkais chunks, pieces or bits. Chicken tikka masala is a scrumptious dish wherein pre-marinated pieces of chicken are beautifully grilled and then added to dense, rich creamy gravy. The flavouring possesses spices and yogurt, andthis gravy is a conventional blend of Indian spices, onion andtomato coupled with some bit of cream added to form a rich and smooth finish.

Tandoori Chicken

In the middle of the most popular Indian foods, tandoori chicken is esteemed by people greatly. The most amazing thing about this eatable is that it is really easy to prepare. It has got its name from the manner it is cooked.  Indeed, it is cooked in a tandooror clay oven. After chicken is steeped in a spiced yogurt blend, the pieces are squeeze through onto skewersand then everything is placed in tandoor to cook. It not just sounds delicious but tastes too!

Chicken Curry

This is something that is most basic of chicken dishes. But it is one of the tastiest though. Although various chicken curries encompass cream or yogurt, this basic curry creates a congealing agent by grinding fried onions into a thick paste and processing the tomatoes with gingerand garlic pastes. In the end of everything, water is added to even out the consistency. Ingredients in this curry can be varying from cook to cook. You can add as many spices as you wish. This way, this rich dish comes to light. You can serve chicken curry with hot chapatis or simple boiled rice. It looks absolutely finger licking!

Chettinad Chicken

This eatable is quite fiery for everyone!  In this chicken dish, the complete spices are properly toasted and then ground. Once it is done, they are then blended with garlic andginger pastes to generate a spice paste. The matter is combined with tomatoes and curry leaves, the chicken boils until tender to form a scrumptious and spicy curry eatable.

Thus, these were just a few of the chicken dishes available out there! You can experience as much diversity as you want!