Ruby on Rails, a fairly new technology in the world of software development, is an exceptionally interesting web application framework. It is not only simple enough for anyone to start using it, it is also dynamic enough to survive even the most challenging situations. However, there are some common challenges faced by people attempting at learning Rails, which are:

Understanding Ruby: While Ruby is quite an impressive language in itself, Rails adds to it a layer of intricacy. For beginners, it can be quite a tedious task to set the language and the framework apart.

Understanding the MVC Pattern: While it is easier for an experienced programmer to know the appropriate implementation of a code, a beginner may often end up with overly complex views.

Comprehending the Object-Oriented Model: Unless one understands the OO model thoroughly, it is difficult to use Ruby with Rails accurately.

How Do You Start Using Ruby?

If someone has enough knowledge to construct a simple sentence in English, they should not have much difficulty in writing their first couple of lines of Ruby code. Ruby, being a highly robust and object-oriented language, offers plenty of syntactic sugar, giving you the impression of reading a sentence. However, just as consuming too much of sugar can have adverse effects, it is important to have an intense understanding of what you are doing in Ruby to enjoy its dynamism appropriately.

Finding the Best Ruby on Rails Development Company

If you are an expert Ruby on Rails programmer looking for the right employment opportunity, you need to find a company where your potentials and abilities would be perfectly recognized. However, as much as it is a difficult task to find an efficient and knowledgeable programmer, it is no less challenging to find the right company either. So when you are looking for a good Ruby on Rails development company in India, here is what you need to keep an eye for:

Work Culture: A company should understand what they are offering to an employee, and whether or not they have the ability and drive to live up to their commitments. It is only through honesty and proper motivation can an employer generate in their employees a sense of belonging, a willingness to take up responsibility, and a desire to give their best performance. Great remunerations can surely attract you, however it is hardly enough to keep you motivated in the long run. Look for Ruby on Rails development companies in India offering a nurturing work culture.

Versatility: The company you choose to work with, must have a track record of providing a plethora of Ruby on Rails services to a number of different industries or business verticals. They should have the expertise to offer services like ROR Custom software and product development, ROR Web-based application development, Rails Content Management Services (CMS), ROR application deployment in Cloud, Poring and Migration of existing applications, Solving scalability, usability and security issues, improving and re-designing ROR application architecture, Rails e-commerce Application related services, ROR based Blogs, Widgets and Social Networking site development and more.

The market today is replete with IT companies hiring Ruby on Rails developers. However, you, as an employee, should look for Ruby on Rails development companies in India having the ability to bring out the best in you.