It’s always important to buy the perfect inverter to meet your power requirements. After all, every house has different requirements based on your appliances and the way you use them. Therefore, it is a good idea to understand the basics and do some research before buying an inverter so that you get the best service.

The best inverter for home is always different from person to person. To help you choose, we’ve outlined the basic steps you can follow:

1. Understand your power requirement

What we mean by power requirement is the sum of all the power that will be consumed by various electrical gadgets. This depends on what equipment you want to run at the time of a power failure. For instance, if you want 3 fans, 2 tube lights, and 1 television to be operated during a power failure, you calculate it by considering the following:

Power consumed by

1 fan = 70 watts

1 tube light = 60 watts

1 Television = 120 watts

Total power requirement = (3*70 + 3*60 + 120) = 510 watts

2. Find the VA rating

VA stands for Volt Ampere rating. It is basically the voltage and current supplied by the inverter to the different equipment. Generally, the efficiency of power supplied by the inverters falls within the range of 60% to 80%. This efficiency is called the power factor. This measures the ratio of power required by appliances to the power supplied by the inverter. The general range of power factors is between 0.6 and 0.8. This means that if the average value of power factor is considered, then the power of the inverter you require can be calculated as:

Power of inverter (VA) = 510/0.7 = 729 VA

Since there are various inverters with a rating of 800 VA available, these should work for meeting your energy requirements.

3. Understand what battery works for your inverter

The basic performance and life of an inverter depend on how good the battery is. The battery capacity (measured in Ah) decides how much backup the inverter can provide and for how many hours it can run all your equipment. To understand which battery capacity you need, the calculation is done based on the following equation:

Battery capacity = Power requirement * Back up hours / Battery voltage

Depending on your requirements for both power and back up hours, you can get an accurate idea of exactly what specifications the battery should also have.

After calculating all your requirements, all that you need to do is search for the best inverter for home online. By using a recommended and highly rated seller and manufacturer, you can be assured of getting high quality and performance from the inverter you buy. Moreover, excellent customer service is an added factor that can help you maintain the inverter and use it for longer. Therefore, don’t hesitate anymore. Calculate your requirements and find the perfect inverter to meet all your power needs at home now. It’s just a click away.