Needless to say, Furniture made of bamboo trees is becoming extremely common. Whether it be a decorative item or a chair, a table or a fancy sofa, bamboo has somehow found a way to break into the hearts of many people especially in the areas which are close to forests. Today bamboo furniture is no longer considered as substitutes used only by the poor.

Undoubtedly this strong and sturdy tree is finding its use in many aspects of our daily lives. Take The Original Bamboo Factory started in Jamaica in 1989 for an example; it delivers high quality furnishings from finely selected locally grown bamboo. They are pioneers in creating exquisite bamboo furniture from the same not only for private homes for commercial  but also for commercial purposes. Now who can resist that! All of us have a tendency of changing furniture once every 5 years at least, am I not correct?

It is amazing that Bamboo Furniture has penetrated into the hearts of the inhabitants of Asia and the Pacific Rim and has become a part of their lives. After all who doesn’t like to be healed by bamboo furniture (which isn’t toxic)? Moreover bamboo furniture is really pretty as well; its smoothness wins you over. Don’t believe me; Visit the nearest furniture store to see for yourself or just go to You won’t be able to have your hands off it once you touch it.

The people who buy bamboo furniture aren’t foolish. They know that bamboo has several advantages. It is a strong and sturdy tree so the furniture made is also tough and doesn’t break easily. Moreover bamboo is pretty economical  as well. However this is just an introduction to few of its many advantages. Did I tell you that bamboo furniture is amongst the most versatile and sustainable building materials used, by man kind Another advantage of bamboo is that it can be used to carry weight which categorizes it in practical applications like making of floors. It is also a substitute for wood and this makes bamboo furniture more environment friendly.

But, I would like to inform my readers that bamboo furniture has its drawbacks as well. It can’t be used with wood; bamboo furniture can only substitute it. Also, some bamboo trees may have toxic substance like cyanide; it is highly recommended that the tree is fully examined before use. Another thing that needs to be considered especially in rainy places is that bamboo can’t be left out in bad weather or water.

Having talked about the pros and cons of bamboo furniture, I would also like to state to my readers that distinguishing bamboo furniture from wood based furniture is similar to distinguishing between two twins. I hope you consider buying bamboo furniture the next time you shop, whether for the environment or to impress your boss!