If you want to create storage for your essential things without putting them on display then hidden storage are the best place for them.

Stairs Storage

Stairs can also be planned for hidden storage as everything from the outer walls to the location of stairwells were carefully planned to provide maximum protection to the inhabitants. Design trap creates an imagine of how beautiful it can be. Stair storage can also be used for some of our important belongings to store them as most of the space is unused. Another storage option using staircases is to have a modified false step design.

Kitchen Storage

Usually kitchens have built-in storage between the shelves and cabinets. If we talk about basic designs in kitchen they have cabinets and open shelving. You may not want to display all your important items to display all the times. If you have limited space, and wondering where to store your valuable belongings then draw out pantry may be the solution. This makes your items cleverly hidden and easily accessible in a smaller space.

Living Room Hidden Storage

Living room has sufficient opportunities for storage spaces because of the things placed there that can easily be transformed into a multifunctional object with hidden storage for things like extra blankets, movies, and pillows. If you want to store your DVDS or other related items, then installing drawers underneath your couch could be smart option as this space that is probably being unused.

Bathroom Hidden Storage

When it may seem like storage options for a bathroom are limited to store things like medicine and other related things, there are some unexpected hidden storage places in your bathrooms. The most unexpected design is bathtub frame. This could be used as one of the most clever hidden storage spaces. The outer part of bathtub looks like a basic bowl that can be used by creating a square frame around it by using tilt out drawers. This could be a perfect place for cleaning supplies and also frees up the space under the sink and other bathroom closet.

Hidden Rooms

Apart from all these small space storages if you have enough space then hidden rooms can be a great addition. It is not only provides you the storage space you want also you get large space without sacrificing your basement or your garage.