Once you apply the multipliers of search engine data for content sites, affiliate programs for sales sites and then after one-time promotions, my top strategy which I have found to work best to get traffic to new sites as well as old is submitting content with a short promotional resource box at the end of the article.

There are many ways to get your content distributed. You can share it on social media, Reddit, tweet it to some influencers, contact journalists. You can also use paid web sites, such as iSnare.com to have your content distributed.

All of these techniques do work – I have used them all successfully. But there is a much better method of content marketing that most marketers ignore – newsletter marketing.

First I want you to get understand the potential of content marketing and then see on how small a slice of the pie the above methods cover. Go to Google and type your one word topic followed by the word “article” and then followed by the word “articles”. So if your topic is “fishing”, then search for: fishing article, fishing articles.

Then repeat the above process with “newsletter” and “newsletters”. Make a note of how many search results are returned for each of these – these are the results your competition is ignoring. Thousands of content marketers are all competing for the attention of a small fraction of the total market for article distribution, while missing the vital ezine and newsletter channel.

Don’t forget the most important thing – you need to have high quality content in order to have a successful campaign.