A modern bedroom with exquisite ceiling design is the ideal picture of a cozy and relaxing bedroom that most people nowadays will certainly desire. The ceiling should not be taken for granted as it is one of the important parts of the bedroom that needs to be given careful detailing. With the latest ideas of ceiling design, the bedroom owner will have a variety of choices that he can adopt according to his preference.

As modern ideas flood the internet more ceiling designs can be found that are innovative and elegant. The ceiling designers today consider  few factors that could impact  the final result such as the kind of materials to be used , the budget, and the perspective design of the ceiling. The following ceiling designs are carefully selected to match the taste of different individuals when it comes to ceiling decoration.

Ceiling Design Made of Plasterboard

Creative Ceiling Design For Modern Bedrooms

by Skyring Architects

Plasterboard is a budget-friendly material and one of the favorite of ceiling designers because of its versatility. Plasterboard is used nowadays for finishing the design of bedroom ceiling as it can be perfectly flat and smooth and can be used for creating visual accents and multi-level ceilings. In addition to that, plasterboard can be easily painted as it has a smooth surface that quickly absorbs the paint. The ability of the plasterboard to bend easily makes it ideal for different kind of design creations and various shapes abstractions.  Therefore if you want to have a ceiling design that involves a lot of curvatures the plasterboard is the perfect material to be used.

Aside from being environment-friendly, plasterboard has insulation properties that make it flame retardant. Moreover, the maximum thickness of plasterboard is only 5 cm it is, therefore it maximizes the height of the ceiling.

Bedroom with Plank and Tray Ceiling

Creative Ceiling Design For Modern Bedrooms

by Ownby Design

As seen in the picture the combination of plank and tray ceiling exudes a very warm ambiance to the bedroom rendering it not only visually pleasing but also inviting for a comfortable rest. The designer perfectly matched the ceiling design with earth tone color for the tray and wood finish for the plank. Wood plank can be easily installed, and use of natural wood adds to the uniqueness of the ceiling design thus making the ceiling nature-inspired. Other than wood, there are other materials that can be used for plank type ceilings. The kind of mood that the bedroom owner would like incorporate into his bedroom can be easily achieved by the right material choices and color selections.

Modern Stretch Ceilings for Bedroom

Creative Ceiling Design For Modern Bedrooms

by Spinnaker Development

Stretch ceiling is one of the considered modern designs that can give an adoring look to a bedroom. The concept of this modern design is a combination of style, safety, and simplicity which is ideal for those looking for modern and beautiful bedroom. Stretch ceiling normally has flat surface and can reflect the color of your choice. Its appearance can become more beautiful depending on the finish like satin, matte, and lacquer, that never crack or crumble. It will never get discoloration and never needs to be re painted if you compare it to the traditional ceiling designs.

Coffered Ceiling For Bedrooms

Creative Ceiling Design For Modern Bedrooms

by Redbud Custom Homes

The term “coffer”  literally means sunken panel in a ceiling. As seen in the picture there is grid of squares made to the ceiling resembling crisscrossing beams. Most coffer ceiling has moldings inside the panels so that the overall look of the ceiling may impress elegance.

The spectacular design of coffered ceiling makes it applicable not only to bedrooms but also in many other parts of the house as the owner wishes. Even commercial buildings, like hotels prefer to have coffered ceiling for their hall and guest rooms for elegance and style.