The usual advertising that we usually see in a magazine or newspaper is becoming a thing of the past. There are many online stores out there that only use digital marketing to promote their brand. If you are a fashion brand with zero online presence, this article will be perfect for you.

Create A Website

If you haven’t already, create a website. It is where you are going to get the majority of your sales through. It is a thing of the past not to have a website these days. You can either hire a web developer or, you can learn by yourself. However, creating a website can be difficult. So we would suggest that you get a web developer to do it for you. 

Online shopping is where the majority of this generation will go to purchase their clothes or products. Even shopping for general groceries has become a thing for many families. The website needs to show your products and be easy to use for the user. Once the website has been created, you can then begin adding content. Content is something that will be discussed later on in the article. 

Social Media Presence

Social media is where a lot of people will get their news and information. Not to mention using the platforms to communicate with their friends and family. Additionally, it is a platform that many fashion brands will use to promote their products. They will also use it to communicate with their customers if they have any issues with a product or a delivery. 

Social media is the main hub for online advertising. It is where the internet will gather your interests and show you advertisements that are relevant to you. Have you ever googled something and, then hours later you have received an advert later for it? That is thanks to the cookies.

Furthermore, you don’t always need to pay to advertise on Facebook or Instagram. You can do it completely free. Just create a social media post like you usually do but with your brand’s social media channel. That will, you will be engaging with the people that follow your page and keeping them up to date with the most recent news about your products. 


Influencers are something else that many brands are getting involved in within 2021. It was one of the reasons why GymShark became so popular. When working with influencers, it can be a risk. They will happily promote it but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will buy the product. Meaning you could have wasted a lot of money on an influencer that is not going to get you sales. 

Nonetheless, if you are going to go through an influencer to promote your product through social media, make sure that they are relevant for your product. They must reach out to your target audience as well. 

Start a Blog and Content

This is where you will create an additional section for your page. It is a great way to attract even more traffic to your website which will likely increase sales. If someone is reading a blog that is related to your product, the likelihood of them buying the product is high. 

It is all about attracting qualified customers when it comes to your traffic. On this blog, you can discuss a wide range of things. Style guides or about the brand are just a few things that you could write. 


For the content, you want to write content for your category pages on your site as well as your products. For example, if you have a tracksuits page, write a snippet of content whilst optimising the page for a keyword. That will attract customers to the site looking for your product and increase the chances of getting a sale. 

You must do relevant keyword research for your brand. Not to mention that you want to be reaching out to relevant potential customers. Looking for specific terms that people will search into google to come across your product is a key part of content marketing

Remember, at the start, you want to use keywords that do not have a lot of searches. The reason being is that the more searches a keyword gets, the more competition there will be. More competition means that it will be unlikely you will rank on the first page. 

To Conclude

There are many things that you will need to do for you to rank well on Google. You must stay active on social media to communicate with your customers and raise brand awareness. Digital marketing is the way forward for any business, especially going into 2022.